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A Friend's Behavioral Changes

Life Advice / Dear Annie /

Dear Annie: I have a friend named "Paula." At least I think she's my friend. We met in nursing school in the 1980s and have hung out ever since. But for almost a year, she's been acting odd.

We like to go out for Chinese food at least once a month. She often calls at the last minute saying she is sick or didn't get to sleep till 4 a.m. or ...Read more

Teeth cleaners leave restrooms with hidden surprises

Life Advice / Ask Amy /

Dear Amy: Where I work, we have several departments, which share a large, public bathroom.

My issue is this: Often, I walk into the bathroom to see a colleague brushing their teeth in one of these public sinks.

I'm guessing the most common reason is to prepare for a dentist appointment, but regardless of the reason, I find it really disgusting...Read more

Mom And Ex At Loggerheads Over Daughter's Cellphone

Life Advice / Dear Abby /

DEAR ABBY: I bought my 11-year-old daughter a cellphone. My ex does not approve. We have been divorced for six years, and he still can't get over it. He despises me. He refuses to listen to why I want her to have a cellphone.

While I want her to be responsible with it, I realize she will make mistakes -- which she already has by being on her ...Read more

Annie's Mailbox for 1/17/2017

Life Advice / Annie's Mailbox /

Dear Annie: We have five grown children. One of our sons, "Mark," obtained a contractor's license and asked to remodel our kitchen and bathroom so he could show his work to potential customers. He said the only cost to us would be for materials, which he estimated to be about $300.

Mark has always been a troubled kid and stubborn to a fault. ...Read more

A Suspicious Trip?

Life Advice / Dear Annie /

Dear Annie: My wife and I are in our 30s and live next to a very kind gentleman in his 60s, whose wife passed away four years ago. We get along very well with him and have been very generous in looking after him. He has always made his gratitude for our filling the void in his life very apparent.

He hired my wife two years ago to come over ...Read more

Christmas price tag feels like holiday snub

Life Advice / Ask Amy /

Dear Amy: My 17-year-old daughter and I are still trying to recover from a Christmas snub.

In our family, we draw names and have a $50 budget.

My daughter's cousin drew her name and had purchased the item my daughter wanted, but he bought a smaller size than she wears and the gift cost about $30.

She is upset that he didn't spend the ...Read more

Wife Doesn’t Want To Tell Friends Why She’s Leaving Cheating Husband

Life Advice / Carolyn Hax /

Adapted from a recent online discussion.

Dear Carolyn:

I am ending my marriage after confirming my suspicions that my husband has been unfaithful at various points throughout our marriage.

We have two small children and this will be hard, perhaps terribly so, but the thought of staying in the marriage for longer -- and then perhaps ending ...Read more

Photo Of Mom In Body Bag Infuriates Grieving Daughter

Life Advice / Dear Abby /

DEAR ABBY: I am a 58-year-old female. My mother passed away in my home almost exactly a year ago. I took care of her for the last three years of her life. After she died, my brother and his wife came to my home at 1:30 p.m. The funeral home didn't arrive to pick her up until 8:30 that night.

Later that evening, after my mom was gone and my ...Read more

Annie's Mailbox for 1/16/2017

Life Advice / Annie's Mailbox /

Dear Annie: Four months ago, I joined a nonprofit that provides free tutoring and homework help to elementary-school kids. When I started, the kids coming into our center were from low-income minority and immigrant families. These were kids who would be home alone all afternoon if they didn't come to us.

A few weeks ago, the demographic ...Read more

Does Spouse Suffer From Failure To Launch?

Life Advice / Carolyn Hax /

Dear Carolyn:

I married an aimless man. He is six years my junior and I love him more than anything in life; he is, in many ways, the man of my dreams. We married in the summer of 2015 so we’re still figuring things out and I’m hoping this is just a bump.

I work full-time in a field that I love and am successful in, and I am also the ...Read more

Bitter Ex

Life Advice / Dear Annie /

Dear Annie: My wife and I were married 17 years ago, and although we did divorce, we still remained on friendly terms.

Recently, however, she made the mistake of accidentally letting me know she had called her ex-husband (whom she married before me) for advice on something. Then she admitted that through all these years, she has remained in ...Read more

Widowed mother still uses handicap parking permit

Life Advice / Ask Amy /

Dear Amy: My beloved father-in-law passed away a few months ago. Before he died, he was bedridden for several years. He received a handicap parking permit. During the years of his sickness, Mom proudly displayed it whenever she parked, even though Dad was not with her.

Now that he has died, she still uses it everywhere she goes, even though she...Read more

Sister Worries Hotel Plans Might Insult Rest Of Family

Life Advice / Dear Abby /

DEAR ABBY: My sister and her family recently moved out of state after having lived near our family all her life. Mom and I want to visit her this year, but she likely won't have enough room for us in the house because she has three kids and only three bedrooms. She does have a sofa bed and an air mattress, but neither my mother nor I want to ...Read more

Annie's Mailbox for 1/15/2017

Life Advice / Annie's Mailbox /

Dear Annie: For many years, your compassionate readers have brightened the lives of America's hospitalized veterans by participating in the Valentines for Vets program during Salute to Hospitalized Veterans Week (Feb. 12-18). This program encourages readers to deliver valentines and visit with veterans at their local Department of Veterans ...Read more

The Wrong Kind of Discipline

Life Advice / Dear Annie /

Dear Annie: Two years ago, my brother and his wife, who have no kids, took my then-8-year-old son on a great trip. They returned very exhausted after a week, having had a wonderful time.

Once home, my brother informed me -- by demonstrating on me physically -- that he had hit my son in the head to discipline him. I was immediately upset but ...Read more

Airport customers get played by line cutter

Life Advice / Ask Amy /

Dear Amy: I recently returned from a trip. At the airport, the gate agent asked us to start lining up, since the plane had been delayed twice and he didn't want to delay us further. We started to form the lines he indicated by what was on our boarding passes. The line I was in reached about 50 people long and went along the back wall.

We had ...Read more

Paralyzed by Indecision

Life Advice / Carolyn Hax /

Adapted from a recent online discussion.

Hi, Carolyn:

A year ago, my boyfriend moved across the country for a job and a needed change of scenery. While he made that decision unilaterally, we agreed that we’d do long-distance for a while until I could join him, if things continued to work.

Well, the time is nowish, and I just get so ...Read more

Shy Guy Needs Some Help Putting Best Foot Forward

Life Advice / Dear Abby /

DEAR ABBY: My friend Russ is a sweet, quiet, reserved guy with a goofy side. He's in his mid-20s, but has never kissed a girl or gone out on a date. (He is the kind of person girls regard as a brother figure.) He has no confidence and doesn't drink, dance or let loose. I have seen his dating profiles, and they are brutally unappealing.

I want ...Read more

Annie's Mailbox for 1/14/2017

Life Advice / Annie's Mailbox /

Dear Annie: I am a divorced, 53-year-old female living in Las Vegas, and I have a divorced sister who lives in South Carolina. I am retired and work part time. My sister also is retired, but shortly after she moved to South Carolina, she was unable to walk or stand for any length of time. Doctors said a broken back from an accident years ago ...Read more

Person Who Needs People

Life Advice / Dear Annie /

Dear Annie: I am in my mid-60s. I live in a small town, where I know lots of people but have only one friend I can count on. Another really good friend had to move out of state for her job. And another friend, along with her husband, I have known for 35 years, but I get absolutely nothing in return. We only get together if I reach out to her. ...Read more

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