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Everywhere you go, there are commercials and ads promoting shock-absorbing insoles that are supposed to help prevent injuries or stress fractures among folks who refuse to just walk places. But do they actually help runners stay healthy?

Not according to a paper published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, which analyzed data from 11 ...Read more

Smoke-IIled Gloom

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Smoking is arguably the single most important preventive measure you can take to ensure good health. Think otherwise? Consider this stat: People who consistently smoked an average of less than one cigarette per day over their lifetime had a 64 percent higher risk of earlier death than people who never smoked, according to new research from the...Read more

Brain Sweat

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Apart from that pesky breathless feeling, aerobic exercise is almost always a good thing. A new study shows it may be of particular benefit to patients with mild cognitive impairment, a condition that is often a harbinger of subsequent Alzheimer's disease.

Researchers asked patients to use a treadmill or bike four times per week for six ...Read more

Whither Health?

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With the new year and looming Trump administration, health experts will soon find out the fate of Obamacare. Republican lawmakers have vowed for years to repeal the 2010 law. It's supposed to be a top priority of Trump. But is it among Americans?

A Kaiser Health Tracking poll offers mixed answers: Just over a quarter of Americans surveyed ...Read more

Lifelike Without the Life

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For doctors-in-training and surgeons preparing to perform a brand-new procedure, practice is a good thing. For patients, maybe not so much. So instead, doctors usually prepare by working with animal models, cadavers and computer simulations.

Researchers at the University of Rochester think they might have built a better way: 3D-printed ...Read more

Buzz About a New Vaccine

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Malaria is one of the world's great, enduring scourges: Roughly half of the world's population lives in areas at risk for disease transmission. Last year, there were 214 million recorded clinical cases and 438,000 deaths.

The Nobel Prize has been awarded five times to people working on malaria, but until now, there has been no vaccine. The ...Read more

Generally Healthy, Privates, Too

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Military veterans, both men and women, are 10 percent more likely to say they're in excellent health than the rest of us, but they're also more likely to suffer from cancer, heart attacks and coronary heart disease.

The UnitedHealth Group interviewed 400,000 participants to better understand health outcomes and disparities among demographic ...Read more

Do Tella

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For those unfamiliar with its charms, Nutella is a creamy mixture of hazelnuts, sugar, skimmed milk, vegetable oil and cocoa solids (think peanut butter, only more exotic and sweeter -- sugar is actually the first ingredient). The Italian company, Ferrero, has produced it since the 1960s, though some say it dates back to at least 1946.

The ...Read more

Kneed Cartilage?

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In an experimental procedure on 10 patients with knee injuries, Swiss doctors extracted cartilage cells from their noses and used them to create cartilage transplants to repair ailing joints.

Damaged cartilage doesn't heal well on its own because it lacks its own blood supply. It derives nutrients through diffusion from neighboring tissues. ...Read more

Flu Knew?

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Skipping your annual flu shot costs more than just raising the odds that you or others might catch the bug. A study in Health Affairs reports that the national economic costs for failing to get vaccinated for the flu or other preventable diseases like pneumonia and hepatitis B due to subsequent doctor visits, lost productivity and ...Read more

Buckle Up and Buckle Down

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The Obama administration has announced a new public health goal: the elimination of traffic fatalities in the United States in the next 30 years. It's a response to news of an entirely different sort: In 2015, 38,300 people were killed on American roads, a 7 percent increase over the previous year and the largest jump in 50 years.

The ...Read more

No More Measles, with an Asterisk

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The Pan American Health Organization, part of the United Nations, has declared that measles, a highly contagious viral illness, has been eliminated in all of the countries of North, South and Central America, plus the Caribbean region.

The United States officially eliminated measles in 2000.

But that doesn't mean measles cases in the U.S. ...Read more

Tis the Reason

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The holidays won't be in full swing for several more weeks, give or take, but if you're unwrapping your annual excuse now that seasonal festivities are the reason for your weight gain, you should know that science backs you up.

A survey published in the New England Journal of Medicine of nearly 3,000 people in countries as diverse as the U.S....Read more

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