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Medical Studies Can Be Our Cooking Teachers

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Fashion experts may advise that red and orange clash in an outfit, but, when it comes to helping regulate your blood sugar, their future pairing may be ideal. A study conducted by the University of Warwick Medical School in the UK found that 32 overweight and obese people who took capsules made from compounds of the fruits for eight weeks ...Read more

The 'secret' to Spago's meatballs

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Though you could hardly label me an Italian chef with a name like Wolfgang Puck, I can't deny that some of my early fame was sparked by the gourmet California-style pizzas I began serving when I opened my first Spago back in 1982. Still, it surprises me even today when guests sing the praises of a recipe I never could have imagined would be ...Read more

Make Sure Your Pure Olive Oil Isn't Pure Fiction

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I had just finished drizzling two teaspoons of extra-virgin olive oil into a decaf coffee-dark chocolate stevia-flavored smoothie I had created to replace a sugar- and caffeinated one I loved from a juice chain. Nutritionists have urged adding healthy fats, especially olive oil, to our diets for decades. I'd been practicing as they preached ...Read more

Environmental Nutrition: Eating for diverticulosis

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Environmental Nutrition

Your odds of diverticulosis increase with age -- it affects more than 60 percent of people over age 70. In this condition, small pouches called diverticula form in weak spots in the wall of the large intestine (colon). Why this happens is unclear, but it's partly ...Read more

Seriously Simple: Summer's bounty comes together in a bright pasta dish

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When a new cookbook recently came across my desk, my first thought was this was just another vegetable book with a clever title. How wrong I was. "The Vegetable Butcher" ($29.95, Workman Publishing) by Cara Mangini should be an essential part of your cookbook library. It is THE guide for selecting, preparing, slicing, dicing and, ...Read more

EatingWell: Oven 'frying' cooks crispy chicken schnitzel

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This healthy recipe for crispy chicken schnitzel involves coating the chicken breasts with fresh whole-wheat breadcrumbs and oven "frying" using a mist of olive oil cooking spray instead of frying in lots of oil. Serve on a bed of mixed greens or with mashed potatoes.

Crispy Chicken Schnitzel with Herb-Brown Butter

Serves 4

Serving Size: 1 ...Read more

One for the Table: Have a berry good time baking

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I recently went on a shopping spree at the farmers' market. I bought so many berries, the guy can send his daughter to college on his profits. I bought so many berries, I got a flat tire on the way home. I bought so many berries, I have no option but to make several desserts and ...Read more

The Kitchn: Healthy snack hits all the right notes

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You've probably heard of cauliflower as a stand-in for steak or rice by now, but what about chicken? In this recipe, roasted cauliflower florets are doused in Buffalo wing sauce and wrapped up in crunchy lettuce leaves for a vegetarian take on Buffalo wings.

After small cauliflower florets ...Read more

The Kitchn: Cool down with a peachy keen cocktail

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I feel fortunate to live in Colorado, where the peaches from Palisade are among the very best in the world. Every summer at my house, we go through cases of these juicy, sweet fruits. We've tried it all -- galettes, pies, jams, sauces, salads, salsas, glazes -- but the biggest stroke of ...Read more

A taste of Sicily: Classic Italian street food made right in your kitchen

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I love panelle (Sicilian fritters) in any form, but perhaps my favorites are served in carts in the Vucciria market in Palermo, Italy. The addition of corn and zucchini as a salsa would seem superfluous to a true Siciliana, but makes a lot of sense to me.

This classic Italian street food is made with a base of chickpea flour, also called ...Read more

Cashew Raisin Chicken Salad

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Two ideas about dementia grabbed my husband’s attention recently. I want to bring both of them to you.

As an aging Boomer, the title of Michael Kinsley’s book speaks volumes: Old Age: A Beginners Guide.

Powerful, no?

Here’s a quick excerpt that appeared in Parade magazine:

“I begin with the assumption that, as age cohorts go, boomers...Read more

Beat the heat with these refreshing Middle East-inspired salads

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Tabbouleh Salad and Toasted Walnut Couscous Salad

Taste the bright sunshine and refreshing flavors of lemon juice, olive oil and fresh mint in this Middle East-inspired dinner. The Tabbouleh Salad is made with bulgur wheat sometimes called bulghur. Bulgur is wheat kernels that have been steamed, dried and crushed. One secret to a flavorful ...Read more

Branch out and try these lesser-known wines

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I know, I know -- I'm always harping at you to try new wines. Unusual wines. Wines you might not even like. I feel it's my duty, because I want to share the joy I get from wines I've never tasted before.

In part, I'm trying to counter the influence of those iPhone "killer apps" that keep track of the wines you drink, then try to steer you to ...Read more

No sweat: Quick, easy creme brulee keeps you out of a hot kitchen this summer

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Trends in cooking come and go. But in the world of desserts, creme brulee has real staying power. The thick, cool, creamy custard (creme) nestled underneath a brittle topping of burnt (brulee) sugar has such an elemental appeal that it's a perennial favorite.

In spite of the dessert's popularity, however, I haven't really seen it catch on in ...Read more

Robert Mondavi the Man

The top selection this week in the Wine Talk reviews is the 50th anniversary wine from Robert Mondavi, probably the most renowned winery in California's Napa Valley.

The 50th anniversary is an important milestone to be sure, but longevity alone is not what makes the occasion significant. Many among the current generation of California wine ...Read more

Both Guest Lists and Ingredient Lists Can Make Parties Intimate

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When I sent out printed invitations for a fiftieth anniversary party my brother and I were throwing for my parents, the first line read: "Please join us for an intimate evening in celebration of..." and then went on with the rest of the details. By using the word "intimate" I was trying to signal to the guests how important each one's presence...Read more

Environmental Nutrition: Bring in the bell peppers!

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Environmental Nutrition

Bell peppers, which are often mistakenly referred to as vegetables, are nutritious fruits with great health benefits.

The folklore

Thousands of years before Peter Piper picked the peck of pickled peppers, they were cultivated in South and Central America. Peppers ...Read more

Seriously Simple: James Beard Award chefs cook up winning dessert

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The Lee Brothers know something about great food. Winners of the coveted James Beard Award for Cookbook of the Year, Matt and Ted Lee have a modern, magical touch with Southern cooking. Dishes like oyster soup, collard greens and even Caesar salad take on a decidedly Southern influence.

Among the star recipes in their cookbook, "The Lee Bros. ...Read more

EatingWell: Simple ingredients swap makes a lighter dessert

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In this healthy grasshopper mint and chocolate ice cream pie recipe, you'll save about 150 calories and half the saturated fat per serving versus a traditional ice cream pie by using nonfat Greek yogurt and heart-healthy oil instead of butter.

Grasshopper Ice Cream Pie

Serves 8

Serving size: 1 slice

Active Time: 25 minutes

Total Time: 5 ...Read more

One for the Table: Quinoa salad packs flavor, nutrition

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This bright, colorful salad packs flavor and nutrition in every bite. Thanks to fresh veggies, citrus and quinoa, it's loaded with vitamin C, vitamin A, fiber, folate, iron and lutein. Quinoa, with its high protein content, nutty flavor and delicate texture, has made it a great ...Read more