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Pan-roasted chicken shows how recipes can evolve with time

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It seems to me sometimes that too many people treat recipes like scientific formulas to be followed precisely. But that isn't how I love to cook, or how I hope fans of my cookbooks or online cooking school will treat my recipes.

Great recipes are living things. Most of them can be changed in an instant, based on what's in season or good in the ...Read more

Environmental Nutrition: Agave's sweetening fix

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Environmental Nutrition

Q: Should I switch my sweetener to agave?

A: Agave nectar or syrup is a sweetener produced by cactus-like agave plants, including Agave tequilana, from which tequila is derived. Agave has been billed as a healthier alternative to other sweeteners because of its low ...Read more

Seriously Simple: The perfect brisket for your Rosh Hashanah celebration

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Brisket and Rosh Hashanah just go together. Growing up, my family went to services in the morning and we all anticipated our late lunch. The table was laden with challah, apples and honey, whole pomegranates, braised vegetables, kugels, salad and, of course, brisket.

My mom's brisket was pretty simple: brisket, onions, ketchup ...Read more

EatingWell: A brilliant breakfast at your service

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In this satisfying avocado-egg toast recipe, try full-flavored, high-fiber bread, like a hearty slice of German-style rye or seeded multigrain from your favorite bakery. To turn this into a portable breakfast, swap the toast for a whole-wheat English muffin or wrap.

Avocado Toast with Egg, Spinach & Salsa

Serves 1

Active Time: 20 minutes

...Read more

One for the Table: Chutney recipe is a perfect complement to many dishes

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I like to prepare for my hectic weekdays by doing as much prep and organization in advance, which keeps me sane throughout the week. Onion marmalade, ketchup, barbeque sauce, teriyaki, and homemade sodas can easily be found in our fridge, stored in glass jars of all shapes and sizes...Read more

Brownie for one satisfies sweet tooth

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Do you really need a reason to bake a single chocolatey brownie? One that requires only pantry staples and a toaster oven? A brownie that you don't have to share? Fine, I'll give you a few reasons: It's better than a box mix and only takes about 20 minutes total to make, bake and cool. ...Read more

Fall into place: Transition from summer to autumn with a seasonal favorite

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When I'm not ready to relinquish the summer's chill vibes and weekly cookouts, I turn to dishes that make for a seamless transition into fall. That means keeping the charcoal nearby, so I can grill up my seasonal favorites. This time of year, I look no further than barbecued endive in tarragon oil with pepato.

With a distinctive bulbous shape ...Read more

Parmesan Crackers

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Kitchen Hacks

“Hack” is a new slang word for trick.

So what we are going to talk about today is kitchen hacks that make your life easier, and maybe more creative or efficient in the kitchen.

Let me give you one example from my home.

My husband likes to hard-boiled eggs for his breakfast. He often makes a half-dozen at a time. That...Read more

Slice Up Some Time-Saving Ideas

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Using a food processor and cleaning its parts afterward is often more work than it's worth for quick, convenience meals. I found, though, that my everyday easy dishes multiplied when I switched to an inexpensive plastic and blade food slicer that's also simple to clean and usually available for sale from multiple brands for close to $10.

...Read more

Try this tangy, juicy grouper recipe

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A tangy mustard coating gives this baked fish a great flavor and seals in the juices. I use two types of mustard in this recipe, Dijon and a grainy mustard. Any type of mustard with seeds can be used. This is a very simple recipe and, once it is in the oven, you can quickly make the barley.

Barley is used most often in stews and soups, but it ...Read more

Environmental Nutrition: Here's to tomatoes!

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Environmental Nutrition

Brilliant red tomatoes tug heavily at their vines, ripe and plump with the flavor and fragrance of summer.

The folklore

Tomatoes were first cultivated in Mexico by the Aztecs, who named ittomatl, which means "the swelling fruit." The delicious tomato that's so ...Read more

Seriously Simple: An easy dessert for the not-so-frequent baker

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I've never been big on baking cookies. That's not to say I don't like cookies. Actually I love cookies. My chocolate chip Heath bar almond crispy cookies are legendary. Other than that, I don't have a big cookie repertoire. But I do like making cookie bars such as shortbread, lemon squares and these delightful apricot walnut cookie bars. For me,...Read more

EatingWell: Start your meal with a sweet, savory salad

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This hearty grilled chicken salad recipe highlights the classic combination of sharp cheddar and sweet, crunchy apples. For a fabulous starter anytime you entertain, simply skip the chicken.

Apple & Grilled Chicken Salad with Cheddar Toasts

Serves 4

Serving Size: 3 cups salad, 3 oz. chicken & 1 cheese toast

Active Time: 50 minutes

Total ...Read more

One for the Table: Take chopped salad to the next level with bold flavors

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In California, it's quite common to find a little "south-of-the-border" influence in many of our recipes, as is the case with this Mexican themed chopped salad. It is bursting with vibrant flavors; and while perfect for lunch, it's also hearty enough to serve for dinner.

Like most ...Read more

The Kitchn: How to cook perfect salmon fillets

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When it comes to simple, quick-cooking weeknight meals, salmon fillets always have a place in my regular lineup. This foolproof technique delivers a perfect medium-cooked fillet that's tender and flaky with deliciously crispy pan-seared skin.

Buying the salmon

When cooking salmon in the ...Read more

The Kitchn: Mix it up with this sweet-savory snack combo

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Ever wonder why snack mixes are called party mixes? I suspect it's because, like parties that have an interesting mix of people, snack mixes are always an interesting combination of ingredients, with every handful different from the last. This recipe is a hybrid of traditional Chex mix and ...Read more

Forging Take-Out Food Means Healthy Homemade Touches

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It's a quick trick to experiment with ingredients and spices for split-second copies of fast foods you can make at home. Often, just a few tweaks like that are all it takes to create a dish reminiscent of the original, like gourmet pizzas that are prepared with chicken breast, cilantro and a sweet and spicy sauce or burgers stuffed with low-...Read more

Banana Peanut Butter Bars

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How to Get Your Diet Covered by Your Insurance

Over a third of the American population is either overweight or even obese. That’s over 100 million people who would benefit from a diet. Take a look around. The problem is rampant.

The silver lining in all this is The American Medical Association is recognizing obesity as a disease. That...Read more

Keep things hot with pan-roasted chipotle chicken

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The smoky, sweet flavor of chipotle peppers, a dried and smoked jalapeno pepper, is used as a rub for this pan-roasted chicken. The rub is made with chipotle powder. It can be found in the spice section of the market.

Chopped onions spice up a bought oil and vinegar dressing. Tomato wedges coated with the dressing make a refreshing salad. ...Read more

Soup's on! Classic dish features bold Southwestern flavors perfect in summer, fall

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Sweet corn bridges the seasons like almost no other vegetable I know. Mention it to food lovers during summer, and they'll imagine ears of just-picked corn on the cob, simmered, steamed or grilled and served with butter, salt, pepper and other seasonings. In autumn, now just weeks away, thoughts of corn begin to turn toward either savory, creamy...Read more