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Animal Island: Baby gate may keep dog from marking territory

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Q: We recently obtained a 15-month-old rescue dog, a Shiba Inu mix, who likes to mark the bottom carpeted stair that leads to our finished basement each time we leave the house. His new trainer believes he is insecure and has suggested placing his own pet bed in the area he uses for his indoor toilet. It worked one time. He continues to leg-lift...Read more

Pet Vet: Pug's missing hair, itchy skin could be mange from mites

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Hadley is a 6-month-old pug dog with a skin problem. His caretakers, Forest and Sherry, have had him since he was 8 weeks old and noticed recently that he is developing patches of missing hair on his body, some of which show reddened skin. Hadley seems otherwise unaffected although Sherry reports he does seem itchy. He has been treated with a ...Read more

Exploring the animal kingdom: Books explore history, science and even sex

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New animal books explore the historical and sociological significance of animals. Plus, there's room for some whimsy -- as well as a look into seaworthy sex lives:

"Once They Were Hats: In Search of the Mighty Beaver" by Frances Backhouse (ECW Press): Man nearly drove the beaver to extinction, hardly the way to treat a creature that was a huge ...Read more

Westminster Dog Show celebrates its 140th year

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The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is the second oldest sporting event in America, celebrating their 140th year this year. Only the Kentucky Derby is older, beating out the prestigious dog show by a nose, or a year.

Among dog shows Westminster is considered prestigious -- even snooty by some. However, when sitting in a packed house at Madison...Read more

Big purr-motion for cat living at British train station

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HUDDERSFIELD, England (UPI) -- A mouse-catching cat at a British train station was awarded a "promotion" to management, complete with a reflective vest and a name badge.

Felix, the cat brought to the Huddersfield train station about five years ago to catch mice at the age of only nine weeks old, was given a promotion to Senior Pest Controller ...Read more

Cheetah climbs safari group's Jeep, sits for 45 minutes

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MAASAI MARA NATIONAL RESERVE, Kenya (UPI) -- A cheetah that jumped onto a safari group's Jeep in Kenya turned out to be seeking a place to chill for a while.

Video of the incident in Masai Mara shows the curious big cat spot the Jeep from afar and wander toward the vehicle for a closer look as the driver stops for the tourists to take pictures....Read more

Stray cat hitches ride on truck from Toronto to Calgary

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TORONTO (UPI) -- A stray cat from Toronto found itself on the other side of the country after hitching a ride on a transport truck headed to Calgary.

The three-year-old cat whose lengthy journey earned it the nickname Gulliver, boarded the Westbound truck in December and was cared for by the staff of the Bison Transport company after the three ...Read more

Cat missing for a year found living in pet food warehouse

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NOTTINGHAM, England (UPI) -- A cat that had been missing for more than a year was discovered living in a UK pet food warehouse.

Kennelgate Pet Superstores in Nottingham, England shared a photo of Clive the cat who was found hiding and eating food from the pet store's warehouse.

Staff were eventually able to capture Clive with the help of Cats ...Read more

Missing dog rescued by lifeboat crew a mile offshore

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HASTINGS, England (UPI) -- A runaway dog seen chasing a seagull into the English Channel in Hastings, England, was rescued by a lifeboat more than a mile off shore.

The Royal National Lifeboat Institution's Hastings station shared pictures on Facebook of 8-year-old German shepherd Storm after the exhausted canine was plucked out of the water by...Read more

VIDEO: Man dogsleds downtown Pittsburgh after snowstorm

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PITTSBURGH (UPI) -- A Pennsylvania man took advantage of Pittsburgh's heavy snowfall by taking his dogsled and three canines on a tour of the city's downtown.

Matt Philips, who filmed his dogsled trip with a pair of GoPro cameras, had his three dogs pull him along Isabella Street and the Allegheny River's North Shore, one year after he created ...Read more

VIDEO: Footage released of only known wild jaguar in United States

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TUCSON (UPI) -- The center for Biological Diversity released new footage of only wild jaguar known to be living in the United States.

The video shared by Conservation CATalyst was the first ever to be publicly released of the jaguar, named 'El Jefe' by a group of students, who lives in Tucson, Ariz.

"Studying these elusive cats anywhere is ...Read more

Mother dog cares for foster puppies

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SAINT ALBERT, Alberta (UPI) -- A mother dog in Canada was photographed caring for another dog's puppies that had been separated from their mother at a pet motel in Canada.

The photo shared to Facebook by Barkers Pet Motel and Grooming shows the motherly dog Maggie, who had recently separated from her own puppies, lying down with the newly ...Read more

VIDEO: Chicago woman fence-proofs her escape-prone dog

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CHICAGO (UPI) -- A Chicago woman who grew weary of her failed attempts to dog-proof her fence came up with an out-of-the-box solution: fence-proof the dog.

Vanessa Buccella said her dog has a tendency to escape her yard through any hole he can find in the fence, and she determined replacing the fence with a less porous version would be too ...Read more

Don't limit your dog's thirst, even if it seems like there's something wrong

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ORLANDO, Fla. -- The North American Veterinary Conference may be the largest veterinary conference on the planet with more than 8,000 veterinary professionals receiving continuing education, teaching and learning about new products. The experts, who attended Jan. 16-20 in Orlando, Fla., answered your reader questions.

Q: We took ...Read more

Pet Vet: What to do when abnormal growth appears on your pet

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Andrea from Allentown, Pa., has a Queensland heeler named Jake. Jake is 8 years old and in very good condition, according to Andrea. Recently, he has developed a lump on the underside of his neck and she has noticed it getting a bit larger in the last few weeks. Andrea points out that this lump does not appear painful or to affect Jake in any ...Read more

Wagging tails make good medicine at Kansas City children's hospital

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Hunter makes daily rounds at Children's Mercy Hospital.

Sort of like a doctor -- until he jumps into a kid's bed and gets his tummy rubbed. Doctors can't do that.

Another difference: When Hunter, a 2-year-old golden retriever, walks into a patient's hospital room, that child -- sometimes a very sick child -- usually breaks ...Read more

Is it possible to find a reputable vet when traveling?

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Q: I do a lot of traveling for work and usually bring my dog with me. She's an 11-year-old Yorkie, and in pretty good health, but I worry about finding a vet while I'm away. Do you have any suggestions for locating one if you're in an unfamiliar city? I do not trust Yelp reviews.

A: You're right, it is hard to find a good vet when you're in an ...Read more

My Pet World: Domestic abuse victim shares her story on how a New York program saved her and her dogs' lives

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NEW YORK -- Urban Resource Institute (URI) is a New York City nonprofit that provides services, including housing, for people escaping domestic abuse. In 2013, URI began an innovative co-sheltering program called URIPALS, which provides shelter for and their pets. New York resident Jasmine Rivera says URIPALS saved her life.

Rivera spoke last ...Read more

'Luckiest dog in the world' survives arrow through back

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REGINA, Saskatchewan (UPI) -- A dog in Canada is in recovery after narrowly surviving being shot with an arrow.

An animal rescue organization in Regina, Saskatchewan, called CC RezQs Regina, shared a graphic photo of the dog with an arrow protruding from both sides of its back on Facebook, and asked if anyone would be willing to adopt the ...Read more

VIDEO: Cat tries to catch family's fish, fails spectacularly

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GLIDDEN, Iowa (UPI) -- An Iowa cat's failed attempt to catch fish by jumping at the fish tank was caught on camera by his amused owner.

Trent Vanderheiden posted a video to YouTube showing his wife's cat, Scat, staring down the fish in the tank from his perch on the TV cabinet.

The cat hungrily regards the fish for several seconds before ...Read more