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VIDEO: Famous cat Lil' Bub debuts new song from upcoming album

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BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (UPI) -- Internet sensation Lil Bub has released a new song from her upcoming album Science and Magic, due out Dec. 4.

The track, entitled "New Gravity," was premiered by Yahoo Music and represents the first release from the famous cat's collaborative effort with musician Andrew WK.

The single's release comes a little over a ...Read more

VIDEO: Disabled dog learns to run with prosthetic legs

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LOS ANGELES (UPI) -- A California dog born with deformities that made walking difficult is learning to run for the first time in her life with the help of prosthetics.

Christian and Sheena Main, who operate a Facebook page for their dog, Daisy Underbite, posted a video to the page showing how Daisy's prosthetic limbs have made it easier for the...Read more

Don't be concerned if a cat wants to show a dog some affection

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Q: My neutered male cat makes a nightly ritual of climbing on top of our 20 pound female dog, rocking back and forth, using his paws to swim through her coat. It's as if we're watching an X-rated movie. The dog -- who is spayed -- tolerates this until the cat bites her once too often. Then she jumps away. She doesn't act angry. What's happening ...Read more

Kickstarter campaign raises $200,000 for cat music

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WASHINGTON (UPI) -- David Teie, an accomplished orchestral cellist, put his theory on music appreciation in mammals into action by launching a Kickstarter campaign to compose an album designed to appeal specifically to cats.

Teie's campaign became a massive success raising over $200,000, 10 times itsoriginal goal, after just a month on ...Read more

My Pet World: There might be a safer option when traveling with your pet

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While more pet owners than ever are traveling by car with their pets, particularly around the holidays, the Center for Pet Safety (CPS) says don't be too sure about your pets' safety. Allowing a pet to roam without restraint may be the most dangerous option.

However, it turns out that even if you think you're doing the right thing by placing ...Read more

Dog bite study shows familiarity with dog may breed false sense of security

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PHOENIX -- Prior studies have shown that most dog bite injuries result from family dogs. A new study conducted by Mayo Clinic and Phoenix Children's Hospital shed some further light on the nature of these injuries.

The recently published study, in the Journal of Pediatric Surgery, demonstrated that more than 50 percent of the dog-bite injuries ...Read more

VIDEO: Rescue puppy Tumbles gets an upgraded set of wheels

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ATHENS, Ohio (UPI) -- A two-legged Ohio puppy named Tumbles is practicing his mobility after receiving an upgraded 3-D printed set of wheels made to fit his tiny body.

Tumbles, who became a national celebrity last week when video of his first experience with a prototype 3-D printed wheelchair went viral, is learning to walk without dragging his...Read more

VIDEO: Owner uses reverse psychology to get dog to take medicine

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RIO DE JANEIRO (UPI) -- A Brazilian dog owner shared a video showing how he uses reverse psychology to trick his stubborn dachshund into taking her medicine.

Fellipe Vilaca Chibante says in the video he posted to YouTube that dogs often "like to defy" their owners when it comes to taking medication, and his dachshund, Honey, is no exception.

...Read more

VIDEO: Barn cat strikes up unlikely friendship with mouse

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OTTAWA (UPI) -- A Canadian barn cat's effectiveness as a guard cat is in question after her owner captured footage of her striking up a friendship with a mouse.

The video, posted to YouTube, shows barn cat Gypsy Rose Lee running around the yard playing with a mouse – the very animal she is supposed to be chasing out of her owner's barn.

The ...Read more

VIDEO: World's smallest dog only 3.8 inches tall

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DORADO, Puerto Rico (UPI) -- The owners of a Chihuahua recognized by Guinness World Records as the world's smallest dog said the pup originally had to be fed with an eye dropper.

Vanesa Semler and Edwin Davila of Dorado, Puerto Rico, said 4-year-old Chihuahua Miracle Milly, who is listed by Guinness World Records as the smallest living dog at ...Read more

Sit and stay for these mini-reviews of books that salute pets

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If you read "My Old Dog: Rescued Pets With Remarkable Second Acts" (New World Library) and don't want to run out to a shelter and rescue a senior pet, you have a heart of flint.

The book, written by Laura T. Coffey and photographed by Lori Fusaro, champions a sometimes-forgotten segment of the animal shelter population.

The sad fact is, a lot ...Read more

In fast-changing Brooklyn, a colony of cats and their king stay constant

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NEW YORK -- It's hard to stand out in a city like this, with its abundance of wealth and poverty, beauty and brutality.

But Eshete Woldeyilma commands attention as he sits in a cast-off chair beside a weedy field, swaddled in scarves and eyeing the changing world around him.

It's not just his flowing garb, his thick beard and his regal bearing...Read more

Playful river otter is back, and scientists are tracking him

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CHICAGO -- He's playful, feisty, energetic and fun.

More importantly, he's back in south Cook County, Ill.'s, forest preserves, and local scientists have a bead on him.

Recently wildlife biologists with the Forest Preserves of Cook County captured a 20-pound male North American river otter in an isolated pond in the southwest region of the ...Read more

VIDEO: Experts say viral cucumber prank can be harmful to cats

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LOS ANGELES (UPI) -- A viral trend involving placing cucumbers behind cats has been deemed cruel and harmful behavior by some experts.

The trend, depicted in YouTube videos, involves sneakily placing a cucumber behind a cat, usually while it is eating. In most cases the cats become frightened at the sight of the cucumber and proceed to run away...Read more

My Pet World: Dog flu vaccine will be available soon

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Q: The dog flu hit our family hard; we have all recovered, but we sure don't want to go through that again. Will there be a vaccine, and if so, when? -- D. S., Chicago, IL

Q: I need a dog flu vaccine now to feel comfortable to going out with our dogs. Steve, you promised that by 2016 there would be a vaccine. Well, it's almost 2016. Do you have...Read more

My Pet World: 'Best in Show' celebrates 15th anniversary

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The movie "Best in Show," spoofing the dog show world, is celebrating its 15th anniversary. Some dog show aficionados were offended by the satire, but dog show announcer David Frei laughs all these years later.

Frei, who announces just about any televised dog show, including Westminster and the upcoming National Dog Show Presented by Purina, ...Read more

Young wolf acts as surrogate mother for kitten

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AUSTIN, Texas (UPI) -- A Texas man shared video of his young kitten being cared for by an unusual surrogate mother -- his pet wolf.

Adam Bilsing, who shared his video on Vimeo, wrote on the Life With Cats website the kitten is half Persian and half Siamese.

"The wolf is only eight months old, might have five percent or so husky or some other ...Read more

Dogs split from the wolf pack earlier than thought, DNA analysis suggests

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A new analysis of ancient wolf DNA has shed light on the murky early history of man's best friend, suggesting that dogs split from wolves as many as 27,000 to 40,000 years ago -- not 11,000 to 16,000 years ago, as earlier genome research had proposed.

"Dogs may have been domesticated much earlier than is generally believed," Love Dalen, a ...Read more

Tumbles the two-legged puppy gets a 3-D printed wheelchair

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ATHENS, Ohio (UPI) -- A puppy born without front legs is learning to walk with a 3-D printed wheelchair designed and created at the Ohio University Innovation Center.

The puppy, named Tumbles, was rescued from the cold when he was only 2-weeks-old, said the Friends of the Shelter Dogs charity in Athens, Ohio.

Tumbles taught himself to get ...Read more

VIDEO: Mother dog nurses stray kitten on Slovenian farm

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LJUBLJANA, Slovenia (UPI) -- A stray kitten that wandered onto a Slovenian farm was granted a meal by a mother dog that allowed the young feline to breastfeed.

The video, posted to YouTube, shows a kitten that wandered onto a Slovenian farm from the nearby woods in an apparent search for sustenance.

The kitten was taken into the care of a ...Read more