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Curious Family Considers Adoption

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Q: I've heard that your organization supports foster care and adoption. I'm somewhat curious, but also a bit hesitant -- and our family already has a lot on our plate. Should we get involved?

Jim: Both of my parents died by the time I was 12; I was an orphan in elementary school. So my heart goes out to the 143 million children worldwide who ...Read more

Don't Fall Too Hard For Internet Relationship

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Q: I've connected with a young woman from another state on the Internet. We've talked a lot on the phone and are interested in exploring our relationship further, but so far we've never met in person. Do you have any advice as to how we should proceed?

Jim: I'd encourage you to set up a face-to-face meeting as soon as possible. Bring a list of ...Read more

Teen May Distance Herself, But She Still Needs Her Parents

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Q: Can you offer any insight as to why my 13-year-old daughter has become so contrary about everything? She often seems eager to distance herself from me. I'm not a controlling parent, but it's tough to see how she's acting all of a sudden.

Jim: I understand where you're coming from. Commenting on the struggle parents experience during the teen...Read more

Forgiveness Will Take Time For Wronged Wife

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Q: Is there a difference between forgiveness and reconciliation in a case of marital infidelity? A year ago, I discovered that my husband had resumed a previous long-term emotional affair with a friend of mine. Their relationship has ended and I believe I've forgiven him, although I'm still having a hard time trusting or feeling any affection ...Read more

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