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If You Introduce Kids To Santa, Then Tell Them About St. Nick

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Q: We're celebrating the first Christmas with our newborn twins. As they grow older, do you think we should let them believe in Santa Claus?

Jim: Our organization doesn't endorse any specific viewpoint regarding Santa, Christmas trees and other Western traditions. Some families enjoy these aspects of the Christmas season; others consider them ...Read more

Financial Advice For Newly Single Adults

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Q: What are some of the most important financial concerns for a newly single adult with kids?

Jim: There are three vital questions you need to ask yourself: 1) What do I need to do and when? 2) How can I meet my needs and my children's needs? 3) Most importantly, whom can I trust as an adviser?

Insecurity over their budgetary situation often ...Read more

Teach Kids To Be Grateful All Throughout The Year

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Q: I enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday, but I want our kids to learn that it's more than just food, football, shopping and days off from school. Do you have any suggestions?

Jim: One of the secrets to a happy life is gratitude -- not just brief moments here and there where we acknowledge the good things in life. I'm talking about living a life of ...Read more

During Stressful Holiday Time, Offer Kindness To Relatives

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Q: Do you have any advice for dealing with extended family members who don't get along? My in-laws like to host big get-togethers with all the relatives, but they're always marked by tension and dissension. I don't want to offend my spouse or his parents, but I'm tired of all the conflict. Can you suggest a solution?

Jim: This a common ...Read more

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