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Ask Mr. Dad: Stepping into a blended family

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Dear Mr. Dad: I'm divorced and have three children from that marriage. I'm engaged to a great guy and we're very happy. The one trouble area is that he never seems quite comfortable around my kids (he doesn't have any of his own) and often tells me that he doesn't feel like he truly belongs. How can I help him feel like a real member of the ...Read more

Ex-etiquette: Set clear boundaries for relationship with ex

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Q: My ex has been diagnosed with bi-polar disorder and he's fine when he takes his meds, but when he doesn't, he's extremely unpredictable and he scares me a little. That's the reason we broke up -- I never knew what to expect. Lately he's been contacting me again with a lot of "remember whens" and I sort of feel like he's stalking me. I don't ...Read more

Adult Child Of Alcoholic Addresses Concerns With Family

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Q: I grew up in a home with an alcoholic father. I've abstained from alcohol because of it, but are there other issues I should be concerned about? I don't want this part of my past affecting my own family.

Jim: As someone who's also been influenced by painful and dysfunctional family experiences, I admire your courage in wanting to confront ...Read more

A Stinky Goldfish and Expensive Sneakers

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Dear Family Coach: My kids have a goldfish that won't die. The bowl is disgustingly dirty, and it smells. I hate that little fish. Can I dispose of it and tell the kids he died while they were at school? -- Fish-Fry Mom

Dear Fish-Fry: I can picture exactly how you got into this mess. You were at the neighborhood carnival, and your adoring ...Read more

Haunted Mansions, Norse Gods and Forest Frights -- Oh, My!

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Disney Publishing Worldwide has evolved from movie- and TV-related spinoff books to valuable, high-quality fiction. These new books will appeal to middle schoolers with a thirst for adventure. Also on slate are two books fraught with topical issues and emotion.

"Tales From the Haunted Mansion: Volume 1, The Fearsome Foursome" by Amicus Arcane...Read more

Private School Options

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Question: We are looking for a private school for our 4-year-old. Regardless of the school we ultimately choose, we want to keep him there through eighth grade at least. We live in an suburban area so we have a lot of options to choose from. Our son is intelligent, creative, and very imaginative. Do you have a recommendation?

Answer: ...Read more

Classroom Requests and an Overweight Runner

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Dear Family Coach: A friend told me that she requested for our daughters to be in the same classroom this year. She never asked me about the decision, and neither did the school. I would have preferred for our girls to be in different rooms. What can I do now? -- Ignored Parent

Dear Ignored: The micromanaging and social engineering in today's...Read more

Where millennials are more likely to live with their parents

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WASHINGTON -- By now, Karen Wilk thought she would have sold her five-bedroom house in Colts Neck, N.J., and downsized to a smaller home. But she has had to put those plans on hold because her 23-year-old daughter, who is finishing her college degree while working part-time, still lives with her. Wilk's 27-year-old son moved out two years ago.

...Read more

Catching the signs of concussion

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According to the Brain Injury Association of America, every 13 seconds, someone in the U.S. sustains a traumatic brain injury, which is caused by a bump, blow or jolt to the head that disrupts the normal function of the brain. The most common type of TBI is a concussion.

Concussions can happen to anyone, but children and athletes are at a ...Read more

Ask Mr. Dad: Congrats, Procter & Gamble, you've alienated half your customer base

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Dear Mr. Dad: During the last Olympics, you wrote about how Procter & Gamble's "Thank You, Mom" campaign ignores dads and their importance in their children's lives. I was hoping that they would have made some changes, but they're at it again. Why is this still going on?

A: I honestly wish I knew. Even my kids have been asking me why P&G never ...Read more

Ex-etiquette: Frustrated with boyfriend's 2-year-old child

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Q: My boyfriend has a two-year-old child and I have no kids of my own. Things started off wonderfully. She visits every Sunday and every other weekend she spends the night Saturday to Sunday. I love his child very much but there are sometimes I do not want her around. She can be very defiant and frustrating and insists on sleeping in our room. ...Read more

Sexual Desire Does Not Necessarily Wane With Age

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Q: Does sexual fulfillment decrease as we get older? My spouse and I are in our 60s, and I'm concerned normal aging issues might have negative implications for our relationship in the bedroom.

Jim: Many people seem to believe that libido inevitably fades with age, and that elderly couples who are still interested in sex are abnormal. This idea ...Read more

Tattletales and Buying School Lunch

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Dear Family Coach: There is constant tattling in my home. My daughters tattle on each other, usually for the dumbest reasons. They are now 9 and 12 years old, and I'm ready to be done with the tattletales. What's the best way to approach this? -- Snitches' Mom

Dear Mom: Your children want to have a leg up on each other in your eyes. Tattling ...Read more

Books to Help Ease Kids Back Into School

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These lively picture books will remind students that school can be fun and exciting. From Pete the Cat to an awesome otter to an apprehensive kindergartner, in these new reads, everybody returns to school for new experiences.

"Otter Goes to School" by Sam Garton; Balzer + Bray/HarperCollins; 32 pages; $17.99.

Otter and her pals, Giraffe, ...Read more

A Clingy Toddler Who Won't Let Mom Work From Home

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Dear Family Coach: My wife and I both work, so we have a nanny three days a week. Some of the time my wife works from home. Our 2-year-old gets along well with the nanny, but when Mom is home she clings to her. If she is brought to another room, she kicks and screams. When Mom tries to close the door to the office she has a complete meltdown ...Read more

The 'Teenager-Proof' Smart Car?

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Greg Fulton thinks his teenage daughter, who's already hit three solid objects with her car -- thankfully, no humans or other moving vehicles included -- would do better with a car that comes equipped with blind-spot/lane-change alert (notifies driver when another vehicle is approaching on either side), lane assist (gently guides car, if it ...Read more

Ask Mr. Dad: Single parents, go slowly when dating

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Dear Mr. Dad: I'm a divorced mom and am thinking about dipping my toes back into the dating world. My biggest concern is how my dating life will affect my children (ages 5 and 8), so I want to do this the right way. How long after a divorce should I wait? How long should I wait before letting my kids meet someone I'm going out with? And on the ...Read more

Single Woman Wants Mother To Mind Her Own Business

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Q: Is it appropriate for my mom to demand that I -- a 30-something independent woman -- allow her to "vet" the men in my life? She insists it's her prerogative and responsibility as a parent. I have a potential suitor who's visiting from out of town, and my mother says she needs four hours alone with him so that she can "check him over" and "...Read more

A Horrible Girlfriend and Thunderstorm Anxiety

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Dear Family Coach: I hate my son's girlfriend. That's not a hyperbole -- I really hate her. She stands for everything we are against. She is lazy and greedy, and she takes advantage of my son's big heart. I've tried to steer him away from her, but nothing is working. How can I help him see her destructive ways? -- Mad Mom

Dear Mad Mom: If ...Read more

Snapchat and a Bossy Daughter

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Dear Family Coach: My almost 13-year old daughter is begging me for permission to create a Snapchat account. I am resisting, but she is wearing me down. I'm not even sure why I am unwilling. Should I hold my ground? -- Not Sure Parent

Dear Not Sure: Parents have been drilling into their kids' heads that anything put on the internet is forever...Read more