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Breakaway Senate Republicans push to delay Obamacare repeal

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WASHINGTON -- A breakaway group of five moderate Senate Republicans pushed Monday to delay a bill repealing Obamacare until March -- potentially enough pressure to force the party's leadership to comply.

The step is the latest sign of some Republicans' growing uneasiness about their leadership's plan to repeal the law with no consensus on a ...Read more

UnitedHealth division buying surgery center group for $2.3 billion

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MINNEAPOLIS -- The health care services business at UnitedHealth Group is acquiring for $2.3 billion an Illinois-based company that operates surgery centers and surgical hospitals, according to a deal announced Monday.

It's the latest move by United, which is the nation's largest health insurer, to provide health care directly to patients ...Read more

Obamacare tax on wealthy sparks battle over fairness

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WASHINGTON -- Republicans and Democrats are squaring off in a fight over tax fairness as the GOP develops a timetable for repealing the 3.8 percent surtax on investment income under the health care overhaul.

GOP lawmakers have long argued for elimination of the surtax, or the net investment income tax, that applies to income such as interest, ...Read more

Family history and risk of peripheral artery disease

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Dear Mayo Clinic: I often get leg cramps and am wondering if I should get screened for peripheral artery disease, since my father had it. Are there other symptoms of peripheral artery disease I should be looking for?

A: Peripheral artery disease, or PAD, affects the arteries that supply oxygen and nutrients to the leg muscles. Leg cramping when...Read more

Home remedies: anxiety about acne

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Acne is a skin condition that occurs when your hair follicles become plugged with oil and dead skin cells. Acne usually appears on your face, neck, chest, back and shoulders. Effective treatments are available, but acne can be persistent. The pimples and bumps heal slowly, and when one begins to go away, others seem to crop up. Depending on its ...Read more

How sick is too sick to go to work?

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Got a slightly scratchy throat and a little congestion?

Sounds like a common cold and maybe you can get away with going to work or school, and not infecting your colleagues if you're diligent and conscientious about covering your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze and washing your hands.

But if you have even the slightest chill, fever or ...Read more

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GOP splits on need to scrap Obamacare taxes in swift repeal

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WASHINGTON -- Congressional Republicans pushing for a swift Obamacare repeal are sharply divided on whether to scrap Obamacare's tax provisions at the same time or delay that move until a replacement is ready.

Some conservatives say every part of the Affordable Care Act must go immediately -- including its tax-revenue streams -- because that's ...Read more

Only 20 percent of Americans support health law repeal without replacement plan

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The Republican strategy of repealing the Affordable Health Care Act before devising a replacement plan has the support of only 1 in 5 Americans, a poll released Friday finds.

The Kaiser Family Foundation survey also disclosed that shrinking the federal government's involvement and spending in health care -- the long-sought goal of House Speaker...Read more

Corker concerned about repealing Obamacare taxes without replacement

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WASHINGTON -- Sen. Bob Corker says Republicans need to be wary of a potential "box canyon" if they repeal Obamacare without a replacement in the queue.

The Tennessee Republican said Friday morning that he wants his colleagues to pay more attention to the fiscal issues with the effort to repeal Obamacare.

"The repeal process is going to repeal ...Read more

Keeping lonely seniors company can help keep them healthy

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Emil Girardi moved to San Francisco on New Year's Eve in 1960. He loved everything about the city: the energy, the people, the hills. And of course, the bars, where he mixed drinks for most of his adult life.

About 10 years ago, the 83-year-old New York native had a stroke and collapsed on the sidewalk near his Nob Hill home. Everything changed...Read more

In towns that lost most Obamacare insurers, rate increases still competitive

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COLUMBIA, S.C. -- People in this city had their pick of four health insurers last year when they shopped for policies during the Affordable Care Act's open enrollment.

This time they have just one: Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina, which had the most Obamacare consumers in Richland County in 2016 due to its low prices.

It's a change ...Read more

7 things you need to know about the future of Obamacare

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WASHINGTON -- You've seen the headlines and you've heard the slogans: Obamacare is on the chopping block and President-elect Donald Trump is going to replace it with "something terrific."

But what are the new president and Congress really going to do? How much of the current law will really go away? And what could "Trumpcare" look like?

In ...Read more

Study finds few Americans want Obamacare repealed right away

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As President-elect Donald Trump and the Republican-controlled Congress this week began their effort to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, a new poll shows that most Americans either don't want the health care law repealed, or prefer to delay killing the law until details of the GOP's substitute are revealed.

The survey, conducted by ...Read more

GOP won't say if people will lose insurance in Obamacare repeal

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WASHINGTON -- Top Republicans in Congress are refusing to promise that their plans to replace Obamacare won't result in more uninsured Americans, putting them on a possible collision course with President-elect Donald Trump.

"Look, I'm not going to get ahead of our committee process," House Speaker Paul Ryan told reporters Thursday when asked ...Read more

Death rate from cancer projected to be 25 percent lower than it was 25 years ago, report says

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In the year to come, an estimated 1,688,780 in the United States are expected to get a cancer diagnosis, and cancer will claim the lives of a projected 600,920.

That death toll, however grim, represents a death rate from cancer that is 25 percent lower than it was a quarter-century ago -- a drop driven by steady reductions in smoking rates and ...Read more

Ryan sees Obamacare repeal this year, but he's vague on replacement phase-in

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WASHINGTON -- The legislating to repeal and replace Obamacare will happen this year, House Speaker Paul Ryan said Thursday, though phasing in changes could take far more time.

"Our legislating will occur this year," the Wisconsin Republican told his weekly Capitol Hill news conference. "What date all of this gets phased in on is something we do...Read more

Women's wellness: pregnant later in life

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Are you considering pregnancy after 35? Understand the issues for older mothers -- and know what it takes to have a healthy pregnancy.

If you're older than 35 and hoping to get pregnant, you're in good company. Many women are delaying pregnancy well into their 30s and beyond -- and delivering healthy babies. Taking special care can help give ...Read more

Acoustic neuroma: To treat or not to treat?

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Dear Mayo Clinic: I was diagnosed with an acoustic neuroma last year. My doctor says I likely won't need treatment. But I know others who have had the same condition and had surgery to remove the tumor. Why would I not need any treatment?

A: An acoustic neuroma, more accurately called a vestibular schwannoma, is a benign tumor that grows on the...Read more

Why the Democrats' big push to defend Obamacare is not a slam-dunk winner

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WASHINGTON -- Democrats face more political risk in opposing repeal of Obamacare than they might think.

Republicans will keep reminding people of the Affordable Care Act's more unpopular legacies -- higher premiums, fewer choices, federal subsidies for coverage -- and how they were enacted by Democrats. That effort began Wednesday, as the ...Read more