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Does the Bible Say There is No God?

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Q: I think you can prove anything you want to from the Bible if you just try hard enough. For example, doesn't it even say in one place that there is no God? -- F.F.

A: You're right, up to a point. If you deliberately ignore what the Bible actually says, you might be able to deceive yourself into believing the opposite of what it clearly states...Read more

Why Do I Need to Go to Church?

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Q: I've always been pretty independent, and the idea of going through all the hassle of getting up and going to church has never attracted me. What's wrong with just watching a church service on TV? I'd be hearing the same message I'd hear if I went, wouldn't I? -- N.J.

A: Yes, you probably would hear the same message, and I'm thankful God has ...Read more

What Do I Do Now?

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Q: I suddenly realized this Christmas that my faith was very shallow, and that I needed to become like the shepherds and the wise men, and actually come to Jesus and worship Him. But what do I do now? -- D.G.S.

A: I'm very thankful that what happened on that first Christmas over 2,000 years ago came alive to you this Christmas! Just as God led ...Read more

Why Do I Still Face Temptation?

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Q: When I gave my life to Jesus, I got the impression that I'd no longer be tempted to do anything wrong. But it isn't true, and I'm tempted all the time. Why do I still face temptation? Maybe I'm not a real Christian. -- S.A.

A: Nowhere does the Bible say that we won't be tempted to sin if we belong to Christ -- not at all. In fact, we may ...Read more

Do We Really Have Souls?

Religion / Billy Graham /

Q: I'm in high school, and my biology teacher says the only difference between us and other animals is that we have more mental capacity. I asked him about our souls, but he doesn't believe there is such a thing. Who is right: my teacher or the Bible? -- Z.M.

A: Your teacher is entitled to his opinion -- but the Bible tells us something far ...Read more

Can You Turn to God Just Before You Die and Be Saved?

Religion / Billy Graham /

Q: My cousin has always lived kind of a wild life, but he says he isn't worried because he plans to turn to God just before he dies, and he says God will forgive him and let him into Heaven. Is this right? -- L.K.L.

A: The Bible says that God is willing to forgive anyone who turns to Him in repentance and faith, and sincerely puts their faith ...Read more

Why Does God Have Us Grow Older?

Religion / Billy Graham /

Q: I just had my 60th birthday, and I'm not handling it very well. I hate the thought of growing older, and now people are asking me questions like when I plan to retire. It really bothers me. Why don't my friends stop trying to upset me? -- H.McN.

A: I doubt if your friends are deliberately trying to upset you; in fact, they probably think ...Read more

Do I Need to Get Better for Jesus to Accept Me?

Religion / Billy Graham /

Q: How much do I have to clean up my life before God will accept me? I want to believe in Jesus and follow Him like some of my friends do, but I know I need to get my life together first. -- Z.S.

A: If you were going to be received by the President or the Queen of England or any other important person, you'd probably do everything you could to ...Read more

Where Did the Devil Come From?

Religion / Billy Graham /

Q: Where did the devil come from? Has he always existed? And is he just as powerful as God? Sometimes I think he must be, since evil seems to be winning most of the time. -- W.Q.

A: Only God is eternal; only God has always existed, and only God will always exist. And only God is sovereign and all-powerful (even if we don't always see His power ...Read more

What About This Cult?

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Q: A couple came to our door the other day and said they wanted to read the Bible to us. They were very friendly, but later my uncle said we shouldn't have let them in because they belong to a cult. Now they want to come back and talk to us about their beliefs. Should we let them? -- Mrs. D.C.

A: Although you don't identify the organization or ...Read more

Did God Save Me?

Religion / Billy Graham /

Q: I wrapped my car around a tree a few months ago (going too fast), and the doctor says I easily could have died. Did God have anything to do with this? I've never thought much about God. -- J.D.S.

A: I'm very thankful your life was spared -- and yes, God had everything to do with this. My prayer is that you will learn every lesson He wants to...Read more

How Do We Know Heaven Exists?

Religion / Billy Graham /

Q: My aunt died recently, and at the funeral everyone talked about how happy she is because she's in Heaven. She was very religious, but how do we even know Heaven exists? Maybe we just die, and that's the end. -- R.L.

A: Have you ever stopped to think how hopeless and meaningless life is, if death is the end? If there is no Heaven, it means we...Read more

Can Children Understand God?

Religion / Billy Graham /

Q: My parents never took me to church until I was almost a teenager, because they didn't think children could understand anything about God. But our 5-year-old keeps asking questions about God, and I'm wondering if they were right. Were they? -- Mrs. S. McC.

A: Just because a child can't understand everything about God, doesn't mean he or she ...Read more

Should I Make New Year's Resolutions?

Religion / Billy Graham /

Q: Every year I make a long list of New Year's resolutions, and every year I forget every one of them. Is it just a waste of time to make a list of New Year's resolutions? -- L.W.

A: No, it's not a waste of time to examine our lives and admit that we need to make some changes -- if we're honest about actually doing...Read more

Is New Year's Day a Religious Holiday?

Religion / Billy Graham /

Q: Is New Year's Day a religious holiday, like Christmas or Easter? I don't recall anything about it in the Bible, but maybe I missed it. -- T.McD.

A: Christmas and Easter celebrate the two most important events in human history: the coming of Jesus Christ into the world, and His death and resurrection from the dead. Both remind ...Read more

Why Am I Depressed After Christmas?

Religion / Billy Graham /

Q: I always feel kind of depressed after Christmas, and I've never been able to figure out why. It usually takes weeks and weeks for me to begin feeling normal. Why is this? -- M.B.N.

A: I'm not a psychologist, of course -- but I've noticed that some people do tend to feel somewhat "down in the dumps" after they've been very busy. It's not just...Read more

Does God Want My Kids to Write Thank You Notes?

Religion / Billy Graham /

Q: I've decided that the hardest thing about Christmas is getting our four children to write thank you notes afterward. Am I expecting too much of them? I admit I get tired of trying to get them to do this. -- Mrs. S.G.

A: I suspect many parents could echo your frustration! After all, expressing thanks doesn't come naturally to most children; ...Read more

Are We Living in the Last Days?

Religion / Billy Graham /

Q: I'm in my 70s, and I don't think I've ever seen such a confused world as the one we've experienced during this year. Are we maybe living in the last days before Jesus returns? -- C.K.

A: Jesus warned us against making precise predictions about His return; only God knows exactly when Christ will come again to bring an end to the present world...Read more

Why Would Someone Try and Kill Jesus?

Religion / Billy Graham /

Q: I've heard that someone tried to kill Jesus shortly after He was born. Why would they do that? Didn't they realize who Jesus was? -- Mrs. S.S.

A: You're right; when King Herod (who ruled that part of the world) heard about Jesus' birth, he did everything he could to have Him killed. The wise men had told Herod that they were seeking the ...Read more

Who Were the Wise Men?

Religion / Billy Graham /

Q: Who were the wise men who brought gifts to Jesus after He was born? Were they actually kings, like the old Christmas carol says? -- T.J.

A: The Bible calls them "wise men" or "Magi" from the east (probably the country formerly known as Babylonia, which was hundreds of miles from the land of Jesus' birth).

Who were they? Over the centuries ...Read more

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