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Trump's Repulsive Response to His Female Accusers Rings of Defamation

From the Left / Ruth Marcus /

WASHINGTON -- Even as the country recoils, justifiably, from the prospect of Donald Trump threatening not to respect the election results, let us not lose sight of the mounting evidence of Trump's mistreatment of women -- and his offensive debate dismissal of their claims.

At the second debate, Trump claimed that his taped boasting about ...Read more

There is Something Depressingly Familiar in the Stories of Trump's Alleged Groping

From the Left / Ruth Marcus /

WASHINGTON -- The arm went around my shoulder. Then the hand began to creep, farther and farther, down the neckline of my dress. I was 20, at a fancy dinner for my college newspaper. The hand belonged to a grown-up -- make that supposedly grown-up -- editor. An editor from whom I wanted a summer job.

I would like to tell you that I removed said...Read more

Is Personal Privacy at Odds with Literary Fame?

From the Left / Ruth Marcus /

WASHINGTON -- The apparent unmasking of pseudonymous author Elena Ferrante feels like an occasion not for outrage so much as for sadness, and regret at the vanishing space allotted to personal privacy in an age insatiable for celebrity tidbits and fueled by omnipresent technology.

Into this intrusive new world comes Ferrante, who has written a ...Read more

Do We Want a Middle-Schooler in the Oval Office?

From the Left / Ruth Marcus /

WASHINGTON -- Perhaps the best way to understand Donald Trump is as a case of arrested development.

In terms of personality and worldview, Trump is stuck in middle school. Early middle school.

And that's being charitable.

Part of growing up is developing self-control. Trump never has. Listen to him in the presidential debate, interjecting ...Read more

In Praise of Good Government Geeks

From the Left / Ruth Marcus /

WASHINGTON -- Especially in an election year, federal employees make a tempting target. They are, in the popular imagining, entitled and entrenched, unresponsive to the public for whom they work and uninterested in anything but collecting a paycheck and a cushy pension. You never hear the phrase "bureaucrats in Washington" in a sentence that ...Read more

A Better Way to Assess a Candidate's Health

From the Left / Ruth Marcus /

WASHINGTON -- American voters have received, we are told, all they are going to get from their presidential candidates in the way of medical information. In light of Hillary Clinton's initially (and, if she had her way, permanently) undisclosed pneumonia, in light of Donald Trump's unhealthy body mass index and buffoonish physician, in light of ...Read more

The Glass Ceiling Isn't Shattered Yet

From the Left / Ruth Marcus /

WASHINGTON -- There are many better reasons to oppose Donald Trump than his rampant sexism. But the brazenness of Trump's recent comments, and the not-so-subtle piling on by the Republican National Committee, demand some attention. The remarks are worth noting not only because of what they tell us about Trump & Co., but also because they ...Read more

Cashing in On Presidential Prestige

From the Left / Ruth Marcus /

WASHINGTON -- The president, as he prepared to leave office, was dead broke. So broke, in fact, that he had to take out a loan to get him through the transition. Bill Clinton in 2001? No, Harry Truman in 1953 -- and the resemblance ends there.

Back then, although Truman had only a monthly Army pension of $112.56, he was adamant about not ...Read more

Trump's New Hire is Captain Ahab of Clinton Haters

From the Left / Ruth Marcus /

WASHINGTON -- Lie down with dogs, get up with fleas, the old saying goes. If so, Donald Trump should be awfully itchy.

Trump has just augmented his ever-changing cast of mostly second-string campaign operatives with a new deputy campaign manager, conservative activist David Bossie. "A friend of mine for many years," Trump told my Washington ...Read more

Obliging a Donor is Not Necessarily Criminal

From the Left / Ruth Marcus /

WASHINGTON -- On the subject of the Clinton Foundation and newly disclosed State Department emails, let us first dispense with Donald Trump's unhinged calls for a special prosecutor to investigate what he terms a corrupt "pay for play" arrangement.

"The amounts involved, the favors done and the significant numbers of times it was done require ...Read more

Sickening Attacks on Clinton's Health

From the Left / Ruth Marcus /

WASHINGTON -- Donald Trump -- he who likes to fly home at night in the comfort of his own plane to sleep in the comfort of his own bed -- is at it again on the question of Hillary Clinton's stamina, or alleged lack thereof.

"To defeat crime and radical Islamic terrorism in our country, to win trade in our country, you need tremendous physical ...Read more

Trump's Ignorance About Sexual Harassment

From the Left / Ruth Marcus /

WASHINGTON -- Donald Trump says his daughter, were she a victim of sexual harassment, should "find another career or find another company." His son Eric Trump said that his sister Ivanka "is a strong, powerful woman" who would not "allow herself to be subjected to that" treatment.

How nice for them. How nice for her. In the real world -- the ...Read more

A Tale of Three Conventions

From the Left / Ruth Marcus /

PHILADELPHIA -- The Democratic National Convention here was Broadway to the summer stock production that Republicans put on in Cleveland. The Democrats' show was polished and uplifting, while the grand spectacle Donald Trump had promised to produce was amateurish and angry.

The chants of "USA! USA!" -- even if they were, at times, a device to ...Read more

Hillary's Lack of Press Conferences Worrying

From the Left / Ruth Marcus /

WASHINGTON -- There is no equivalence -- none -- between the campaigns of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton when it comes to mistreatment of and contempt for the media. The Trump campaign's latest outrage on this score involved the hassling of a Washington Post reporter, Jose A. DelReal, at a rally for vice presidential nominee Mike Pence. ...Read more

Turning the Page on Partisan Gridlock

From the Left / Ruth Marcus /

PHILADELPHIA -- Even as President Obama prepares to speak on her behalf at the convention here and to campaign for her this fall, a big element of Hillary Clinton's electoral case hinges on the implicit argument that she can somehow succeed where Obama failed: overcoming partisanship and dislodging Washington gridlock.

This tricky path is made ...Read more

Trump Set the Table for Clinton

From the Left / Ruth Marcus /

CLEVELAND -- Donald Trump's botched convention made Hillary Clinton's task in Philadelphia easier. Not necessarily easy, but easier.

The Republicans' four days here were marked by disorganization, division and darkness. This was the Ronco of flubbed conventions: But wait, there's more. After the plagiarism debacle, a preventable problem made ...Read more

Cruz Holds His Nose but Can't Endorse Trump

From the Left / Ruth Marcus /

CLEVELAND -- Ted Cruz, vanquished presidential candidate, coughed up the name of the man who defeated him for the Republican nomination precisely once in his convention speech Wednesday night. "I want to congratulate Donald Trump on winning the nomination," the Texas senator managed to choke out. Then, in a line not contained in the prepared ...Read more

Campaign Mops Up Poorly After Melania Trump Speech Mess

From the Left / Ruth Marcus /

WASHINGTON -- Well, Donald Trump can't tell his wife she's fired. Nor should he.

The evident plagiarism in Melania Trump's speech doesn't reflect poorly on Melania Trump, at least from what we know so far. Its presence, and the handling of it after its predictably swift disclosure, reflects poorly on the Trump campaign.

It demonstrates, as if ...Read more

Justice Ginsburg's Damage to the Supreme Court

From the Left / Ruth Marcus /

WASHINGTON -- Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's admittedly "ill-advised" remarks about Donald Trump weren't only bad for the justice and her reputation. They were bad for the Supreme Court and, consequently, for the country.

Ginsburg was correct in her scathing assessment of Trump -- and correct to express her "regret" for voicing it publicly. But ...Read more

Comey Reasserts His Independence

From the Left / Ruth Marcus /

WASHINGTON -- Law enforcement officials tend to inhabit a universe that is both binary and terse: Prosecute or don't prosecute. Let the facts in the indictment speak for themselves. No further comment.

So the remarks by FBI Director James Comey accompanying his announcement that he would not recommend bringing charges against former Secretary ...Read more


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