Inarritu wins DGA award for best feature film

LOS ANGELES--For the second year in a row, Alejandro G. Inarritu won the Director's Guild of America's feature film award Saturday, giving his survival drama "The Revenant" a boost in the ever-shifting best picture race.

"I never expected to win this award, truly," Inarritu said, after earning the first back-to-back win in DGA history. "I'm ......Read more

Around the remote: "Superbowl 50", "Full Frontal With Samantha Bee", more

DON'T MISS: Super Bowl 50 -- Break out the chicken wings and adult beverages. America's day of gridiron gluttony is finally upon us. The big game pits the Carolina Panthers against the Denver Broncos in Santa Clara, Calif., as about a gazillion TV viewers look on. Oh, but it's about so much more than football. There's the totally wacky ...Read more

PAFF, where black films matter

LOS ANGELES -- When Hollywood studio executives say there aren't a lot of black-led films for them to produce and distribute, Ayuko Babu laughs. He then picks up the event booklet for the upcoming Pan African Film & Arts Festival at which more than 100 largely made by black filmmakers will be shown.

Babu, who founded the festival 24 years ago, ...Read more

'Accessibility' is key to the Metropolitan Museum of Art's push for change

New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art may be almost a century and a half old, but that doesn't mean that one of the oldest art institutions in the United States isn't intent on evolving.

In mid-March, the museum will open a new branch devoted to Modern and contemporary art: The Met Breuer, which will inhabit the Marcel Breuer-designed building ...Read more

Broadcasting legend Jack Whitaker called Super Bowl I, says game now is 'almost secondary'

LOS ANGELES -- It wasn't even called the Super Bowl when Jack Whitaker worked the first pro football championship game between the American Football League and National Football League. Still, he knew 50 years ago that the game he was announcing was something special.

Both CBS and NBC broadcast that showdown on Jan. 15, 1967. Whitaker, Ray ...Read more

Lily James takes on fierce role as zombie killer in twist on 'Pride and Prejudice'

LOS ANGELES -- It hits you as soon as Lily James walks into the room: The star of "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" looks like she has been whisked out of the 19th century by some form of time traveler, wrapped in modern garments and deposited in the 21st century. The look has worked for her on the TV show "Downton Abbey" and the film "...Read more

'Panda' was an international collaboration

The idea for one of the most ambitious collaborations to date between China and Hollywood didn't come from an embassy office in Washington or Beijing, or from a power lunch in Beverly Hills, but from a bunch of Bruce Lee fans brainstorming in the San Fernando Valley over a decade ago.

"We were just trying making a movie about kung fu 'cause we ...Read more

Fans of Jonathan Blow's 'Braid' will love his latest, 'The Witness'

If you talk about video games as art, one title that inevitably pops up is "Braid." This 2008 indie platformer, designed by Jonathan Blow, elevated inventive gameplay into a kind of narrative of its own.

"Braid" was the antithesis of "Call of Duty" (2003) and other bombastic entries that became the vid-game equivalents of Hollywood summer ...Read more

Q&A: Jenna Fischer talks 'You, Me and the Apocalypse' and watching 'The Office' on Netflix

Jenna Fischer has turned in the drab pencil skirts and cardigans for a yellow prison jumpsuit.

Three years after ending her nine-season run as everyone's favorite receptionist on "The Office," Fischer returns to NBC in the daffy dramedy "You, Me and the Apocalypse."

As the title hints, the sci-fi series centers on a an eclectic group of ...Read more

What's opening in theaters next week


Opening Friday:

"Deadpool" (R): Ryan Reynolds stars as the murderous anti-hero in a rare foray into R-rated territory by Marvel Comics characters.

"Zoolander 2" (PG-13): Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson reprise their roles as the male supermodels, now relegated to the old-news bin 10 years after the events of the first film.

"How to Be ...Read more

Coen brothers movies quote quiz

Those Coen brothers, they do have a way with words. Time after time, in movie after movie, certain phrases pop out that, once heard, instantly cement themselves in the mind and ever after evoke the pictures they come from.

With their latest movie, "Hail, Caesar!," now in theaters, we offer a walk down Coen memory lane in the form of a quiz that...Read more

Movie review: Sparks fly between Teresa Palmer and Benjamin Walker in 'The Choice'

Movies made from books by Nicholas Sparks are like those hard candy hearts that are so popular for Valentine's Day. They are sweet, not overly complicated and the message is spelled out in very clear terms.

The latest adaptation of a Sparks novel, "The Choice," is no different. This story about two mismatched people who fall in love despite ...Read more

Maurice White, founder of Earth, Wind & Fire, dies at 74

LOS ANGELES -- Maurice White, co-founder and leader of the groundbreaking ensemble Earth, Wind & Fire, died at his Los Angeles home Thursday. He was 74. His brother and bandmate, Verdine White, confirmed the news with The Associated Press.

The source for a wealth of euphoric hits in the 1970s and early '80s, including "Shining Star," "September...Read more

Movie review: 'Pride and Prejudice and Zombies' is a fun spoof

When I heard that the 2009 genre fiction mashup "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" would be reincarnated as a horror-soaked rom-com, I passed through the Kubler-Ross stages of grief. Denial ("They couldn't be that stupid") was followed by anger ("This is heresy"), bargaining ("No way will I watch that") and depression ("We've finally hit bottom."...Read more

Super Bowl advertisers know they will be judged as much as the players and coaches

LOS ANGELES -- Who was the least valuable player in last year's Super Bowl? Viewers might say it was the tousle-haired young boy in the Nationwide Insurance spot, talking about all the cool things he missed because he was killed in a household accident.

Headline writers dubbed it the "Dead Kid" commercial. Social media buzzed with outrage. The ...Read more

Viacom names Philippe Dauman to replace Sumner Redstone

LOS ANGELES -- Viacom Inc. Chief Executive Philippe Dauman was elected chairman of the media giant's board on Thursday, succeeding his 92-year-old mentor, the ailing Sumner Redstone.

"Philippe has been instrumental with Sumner in every aspect of Viacom's success for nearly 30 years and most recently as CEO has taken on the tough task of ...Read more

A closer look at the 'Pride and Prejudice and Zombies' cast

Here's a look at some of the actors in "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies":


Plays: Jane Bennet

You know her from: "Dark Shadows," Neighbours," "In Time"

On the film action: What I love about this is that they have taken all these things that are in the original Jane Austen novel, like female empowerment and forward-thinking ...Read more

Coens on Clooney: 'You have to be a very good actor to play an idiot'

When it comes to filmmaking, the Coen brothers--Joel and Ethan--do practically everything together: Write screenplays, produce, direct, even edit their features (the latter function under the pseudonym Roderick Jaynes).

That goes for doing interviews as well--which can be something of a problem when they're talking to an interviewer over a ...Read more

Matt LeBlanc joins 'Top Gear'

Matt LeBlanc, who made his name playing Joey Tribbiani on NBC's "Friends," is making history as the first non-British host in "Top Gear" history.

LeBlanc is no stranger to British programming. The actor currently stars as a fictionalized version of himself on "Episodes," a co-production that airs on both Showtime and BBC Two about a married ...Read more

Movie review: 'Hail, Caesar!' falls flat

In 1991, the Coen brothers' World War II Hollywood fantasy-farce "Barton Fink" swept the prize table at the Cannes Film Festival, earned three Oscar nominations and made major players of John Turturro and John Goodman.

Their new dream factory satire "Hail, Caesar!" is set at the same fictional Capitol Pictures studio a decade later. This time ...Read more