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Hindu tailor hacked to death in Bangladesh

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DHAKA, Bangladesh -- Three attackers hacked a Hindu man to death in front of his tailoring business in central Bangladesh Saturday, police said.

Nikhil Chandra Joardar, 50, was repeatedly attacked by the men with sharp weapons and left for dead, officer Abdul Jalil said, citing accounts by local residents.

The assailants arrived on motorbike, ...Read more

Iraq declares state of emergency in Baghdad as protesters storm legislature

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Iraq declared a state of emergency in Baghdad after supporters of the Shiite Muslim cleric Moqtada al-Sadr stormed the national legislature, the Interior Ministry said.

Mobile-phone video broadcast on Iraqi news channel al-Sharqiya showed hundreds of al-Sadr's supporters in the Council of Representatives building in the Green Zone Saturday. Al-...Read more

24 civilians die in Baghdad bombing claimed by Islamic State

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BAGHDAD ––At least 24 civilians were killed Saturday in a car bombing claimed by Islamic State militia in the Iraqi capital.

The blast hit near a marketplace in the Nahrawn neighborhood of southeastern Baghdad. Police said 33 people, including three security officers, were wounded.

The bomb went off on a road used by Shiite pilgrims on ...Read more

Aid group backed by Bill Gates and Bono draws Senate scrutiny

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NEW YORK -- A U.S. Senate panel is examining whether a global aid group funded partly by billionaire Bill Gates and rock star Bono misled U.S. officials about its anti-corruption practices to retain government funding.

The inquiry stems from the handling of allegations of corruption that surfaced four years ago at the Global Fund to Fight AIDS,...Read more

What Panama Papers say, and don't say, about Trump

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WASHINGTON -- The leak of documents known as the Panama Papers illustrates how Donald J. Trump and others seek to profit from his name.

Trump doesn't appear to be the direct owner of any offshore company formed by Mossack Fonseca, the Panamanian law firm that is now the subject of multiple investigations after its documents were leaked to ...Read more

The government wants fingerprints to unlock phones

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LOS ANGELES -- As the world watched the FBI spar with Apple this winter in an attempt to hack into a San Bernardino shooter's iPhone, federal officials were waging a different encryption battle in a Los Angeles courtroom.

There, authorities obtained a search warrant compelling the girlfriend of an alleged Armenian gang member to press her ...Read more

Study says spanking can lead to other problems later in life

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ATLANTA -- Many child psychologists have been arguing for years that spanking is bad for children. Now research is backing up that assertion, finding that it tends to makes kids more likely to act up again and can create other problems down the road.

The study comes soon after Georgia found itself at the center of the corporal punishment debate...Read more

Prosecutors: Scott Walker campaign, conservative group 'one and the same'

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MADISON, Wis. -- Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's campaign and a supposedly independent conservative group were "one and the same," prosecutors told the U.S. Supreme Court in a filing this week seeking to reopen a probe of the Republican governor's campaign that state courts shut down.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court last year halted the investigation...Read more

Donald Trump's bizarre California GOP convention entrance was like 'crossing the border'

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BURLINGAME, Calif. -- The Donald Trump campaign made a wild and indelible debut Friday in Northern California, as hundreds of sign-waving protesters clashed with police and blocked Trump's motorcade, forcing the Republican front-runner to duck in a hotel back entrance in a bizarre scene carried on live television.

Roiled by the real estate ...Read more

Trump urges California GOP to unite behind him amid raging protests

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BURLINGAME, Calif.--Undeterred by protesters who nearly blocked his way into a California Republican convention, Donald Trump called on the party Friday to unite behind him even as he lashed out at what he portrayed as its corrupt system for picking presidential nominees.

Police in riot gear were unable to stop egg-tossing demonstrators who ...Read more

Norway presumes all 13 on-board helicopter dead, ends rescue mission

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STOCKHOLM -- All 13 people on-board a helicopter carrying North Sea oil platform workers that crashed on Norway's western coast are presumed dead, emergency services and police said Friday.

Two people were missing while 11 bodies were recovered when the search was halted late Friday. The search was to resume Saturday, police spokesman Stig ...Read more

Brothers went to anime convention after killing parents, San Jose police say

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Two brothers went to an anime convention last weekend after the older one shot and killed their parents in their home in San Jose, Calif., court documents allege.

Prosecutors on Friday charged Hasib bin Golamrabbi, 22, and Omar Golamrabbi, 17, with two counts each of murder, the Santa Clara County district attorney's office said. Omar ...Read more

Analysis: California's GOP could suffer consequences of Trump's virulent anti-immigration message

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BURLINGAME, Calif. -- Donald Trump's emphasis on illegal immigration has propelled his presidential campaign to the threshold of winning the Republican nomination, but it risks huge collateral damage to a California state party that has worked to distance itself from the immigration wars of two decades ago.

Trump emphatically defended, in a ...Read more

Nation and world news briefs

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IPhone in missing teen boaters' case being sent to Apple

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- An iPhone recovered in last year's at-sea disappearance of two Tequesta teens will be sent immediately to Apple in hopes the phone manufacturer recovers information from it, a judge ordered Friday afternoon.

"Good luck," Palm Beach County Circuit Judge Gregory ...Read more

Fight over Zika funds rages with first US death

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WASHINGTON -- The first officially reported death Friday in the United States from Zika-related complications, a 70-year-old man in Puerto Rico, intensified a partisan battle on Capitol Hill over $1.9 billion in emergency funds blocked for two months by Republicans.

With Florida claiming the highest number of cases of the deadly virus, ...Read more

Trump said to lack plan for fundraising, running mate vetting

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WASHINGTON -- On the cusp of the Republican nomination, Donald Trump has no blueprint for raising the estimated $1 billion he'd need to take on the Democrats and no process in place to begin vetting vice presidential contenders, according to multiple people familiar with the campaign.

He says he has no plan to win a contested convention in ...Read more

Bernie Sanders drops lawsuit against DNC

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WASHINGTON--The campaign of Bernie Sanders has dropped a lawsuit it filed in December against the Democratic National Committee, after the national party cut off its access to crucial voter data.

The move came Friday as the DNC released its independent investigation of the breach, which confirmed much of what was already known about the event. ...Read more

LGBT advocates protest Kansas transgender bathroom bill

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TOPEKA, Kan. -- Seventeen-year-old Tavarus Lafever, a transgender male, had a message Friday for lawmakers at the Kansas Statehouse.

"We go to the restroom for the same reason everyone else does," said Lafever of Wichita. "Let us pee in peace."

LGBT advocates held a protest Friday on the steps of the Capitol against a transgender bathroom bill...Read more

Workers wonder whether Sanders' fight for them will really help them compete

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INDIANAPOLIS -- Union steelworker Doug Fuller came here for a rally to protest plans to close a Carrier Corp. plant here and move jobs to Mexico. But Fuller has his own troubles: His plant in Granite City, Ill., has been temporarily shut down by U.S. Steel because of a bad market, idling more than 2,000 workers.

"It's coming back, is what they'...Read more

Is this Maduro's final year in office in Venezuela?

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BOGOTA, Colombia -- Ever since Nicolas Maduro put on Venezuela's tri-colored presidential sash on April 19, 2013, people have been wondering how long he might get to wear it. And as the 53-year-old, mustachioed former union organizer begins his fourth year in power, speculation that this year might be his last is once again hitting fever pitch. ...Read more