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In Raleigh, Hillary Clinton blasts Trump's debate performance

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RALEIGH, N.C. -- Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton spoke to a capacity crowd at Wake Tech Community College's gym Tuesday afternoon -- her first public appearance following Monday's debate with Republican Donald Trump.

The audience cheered as she mentioned the debate.

"Did anybody see that debate last night?" she said. "Oh yes ...Read more

Giuliani calls Clinton 'too stupid' to be president because she didn't know of her husband's affair

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Former New York Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani labeled Hillary Clinton "too stupid to be president" because she did not know about her husband's affair with Monica Lewinsky.

Giuliani, a top surrogate for Republican nominee Donald Trump, castigated Clinton for what he said was an effort to shame Lewinsky, then an intern, following the exposure of ...Read more

India has one of the world's biggest armies; why doesn't it use it?

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MUMBAI, India -- Following a raid that killed 18 Indian soldiers at an army base in Kashmir, some commentators bayed for a thundering retaliatory strike against neighbor and rival Pakistan.

A "jaw for a tooth," said one member of the governing Bharatiya Janata Party. "Wipe off Pakistan from the world's map" with a nuclear strike, said another. ...Read more

In North Carolina, Hillary Clinton tees off on Donald Trump and taxes

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RALEIGH, N.C. -- Hillary Clinton is ramping up her attacks on Donald Trump's tax history after the Republican candidate said his ability to avoid paying any federal income taxes in some years showed he was "smart."

Speaking at a community college here in the battleground state of North Carolina, Clinton said Trump was using his campaign to ...Read more

In 49 states, income boost outpaces economic growth

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WASHINGTON -- The sharp gain in median household income last year, one of largest increases on record, may also signal a turning point in the decades-old disconnect between middle-class earnings and overall economic growth.

In 49 states, median income increased at a faster rate than per capita gross domestic product, according to a Stateline ...Read more

'Affluenza' teen's attorneys argue for judge's recusal

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FORT WORTH, Texas -- Attorneys for Ethan Couch on Tuesday continued trying to get him out of jail, arguing that a criminal court judge has no authority over the case because Couch's probation should be treated as a civil case.

The attorneys also argued that state District Judge Wayne Salvant -- who in April sent Couch to jail for 720 days as a ...Read more

Five bicyclists killed in Chicago this year, all involving commercial vehicles

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CHICAGO -- For the fifth time this year, a bicyclist on Monday was struck and killed by a large commercial vehicle in Chicago.

The fatal collision comes a week after Bicycling magazine rated the city the best for biking in the United States, and occurred as Chicago is working on a three-year "Vision Zero" plan aimed at eliminating all traffic ...Read more

Gender played a bigger role in the presidential debate than you think

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HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. -- Did he call her "secretary" as a sign of respect or condescension? What about the interruptions? And the matter of her looks or lack of stamina? And then there was "Miss Piggy."

Questions about gender ran throughout Monday night's general election presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, the first ever ...Read more

Trump's debate assertions on NYC crime don't jibe with the stats

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NEW YORK -- Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump got it wrong during Monday night's presidential debate when he credited stop-and-frisk police tactics for New York's two-decade trend of lower crime, and asserted that murders increased in the two years since the city curtailed the practice.

NYPD statistics show the city where Trump ...Read more

Cruz says he offered to aid Trump campaign

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WASHINGTON -- Republican Sen. Ted Cruz said he will do whatever he can to defeat Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, including campaigning for Donald Trump and helping with debate preparation.

Cruz has been criticized for refusing to endorse Trump during the party's convention in July before offering one on Friday.

"If I were ...Read more

Only 86 freshmen at Chicago State University, as total enrollment drops 25 percent

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CHICAGO -- Chicago State University enrolled just 86 freshmen this fall, an alarming drop as the embattled public institution faces an uncertain future.

Overall, the university now has fewer than half the number of total students it did six years ago. There are 3,578 students taking classes at the Far South Side campus this fall, down from 7,...Read more

'SNL' reunion for cleaning product transparency

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WASHINGTON -- "Saturday Night Live" alums Maya Rudolph and Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn., teamed up on Tuesday to push legislation for full disclosure of chemicals in institutional and household cleaning products.

"Maya and I were just discussing this. She has four -- wow -- four kids. Wow," Franken said to kick off the panel. "I have two children ...Read more

A view of the US presidential debate from Cairo

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CAIRO -- Asked what he thought of the U.S. presidential debate as he walked to work through the streets of Cairo's affluent Zamalek neighborhood, Raffik Kamel laughed.

The debate aired at 3 a.m. local time, and Kamel, who owns a factory making office furniture, had not stayed up to watch live. But he watched the rebroadcast later Tuesday ...Read more

After debate, Clinton falters among some focus group voters in North Carolina

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Kae Roberts and Jay Eardly were leaning toward Hillary Clinton before Monday night's debate.

By the end, they had both pulled away.

John Kokos and Hank Federal were undecided going in, potential Clinton backers.

By the end, they'd ruled her out.

Indeed, while polls found that Clinton had won the first general election ...Read more

Black Caucus members slam Trump's debate performance

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WASHINGTON -- Members of the Congressional Black Caucus on Tuesday slammed Donald Trump for his debate performance, particularly his views on criminal justice and for continuing to peddle untruths about President Barack Obama's birthplace.

Rep. Gregory Meeks, chairman of the CBC's political action committee, criticized Trump for his statements ...Read more

Wells Fargo faces Labor Department review for possible workplace violations

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WASHINGTON -- The Labor Department has launched a "top-to-bottom review" of how Wells Fargo & Co. treated employees as it pushed the aggressive sales quotas that led to the bank's fake-accounts scandal.

A working group that includes officials from five Labor Department enforcement divisions has been established to conduct a "thorough and ...Read more

What the debate looked like to these Iowa voters

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- Iowans in the capital of this battleground state watched the first presidential debate with the intensity of fans at a Super Bowl game.

The state's residents and its six electoral votes are crucial in the 2016 race for the White House, where polls show a tight race in a state that went for President Barack Obama in the last ...Read more

Clinton says she's already looking forward to 2nd debate

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WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. -- A confident Hillary Clinton said she enjoyed Monday's leadoff presidential debate so much that Chicago Cubs great Ernie Banks came to mind: "Let's play two!"

Speaking to reporters aboard her campaign plane before departing for a rally in Raleigh, N.C., the Democratic nominee said she was already looking forward to the ...Read more

Trump complains of 'hostile questions' during debate

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The morning after his first debate with Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump complained Tuesday of "hostile questions" from the moderator and conceded that Clinton rattled him by bringing up his past remarks about the weight of a Miss Universe contestant.

The Republican presidential nominee said the moderator, NBC anchor Lester Holt, leaned left in ...Read more

Giuliani says Trump should skip next debate

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Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani said he wouldn't debate a second time if he were Donald Trump unless there is a significant change.

"If I were Donald Trump I wouldn't participate in another debate unless I was promised that a journalist would act like a journalist and not an incorrect, ignorant fact-checker," the former Republican ...Read more