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Bernie Sanders: Disney is not such a happy place for its workers

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ANAHEIM, Calif. -- Bernie Sanders, darting across Southern California on Tuesday, used Disney, a company renowned for evoking happiness, to rail against a decidedly bleak topic: economic inequality.

The Vermont senator accused the Fortune 500 business of underpaying its employees.

"Anybody make a living wage working for Disney?" Sanders asked ...Read more

Bill could add 'colored persons' to list of words banned in Michigan state law

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LANSING, Mich. -- The Michigan Legislature has been banishing offensive and archaic words from state laws for the last few years. And on Tuesday, the House of Representatives added "colored persons" and "white persons" to the list of words they want removed from the books.

By a 106-0 vote, the House of Representatives voted to remove the words ...Read more

DNA tests show Calif. honeybee attack was not caused by Africanized bees

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CONCORD, Calif. -- The swarm of aggressive bees that terrorized a California neighborhood and killed two dogs earlier this month were not Africanized honey bees, state agricultural officials reported Tuesday.

California Department of Food and Agriculture scientists tested the mitochondrial DNA of seven of the agitated bees that stormed the 3800...Read more

'Little House on the Prairie' star ends congressional bid

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Actress Melissa Gilbert, who played Laura Ingalls Wilder in the TV show "Little House on the Prairie," has dropped her challenge to GOP Rep. Mike Bishop in Michigan's 8th District citing health concerns.

"As many of you know, in 2012 I sustained head and neck injuries from two accidents. While I have received the best treatment and therapy I ...Read more

Trump unveils stable of Republican donors

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WASHINGTON -- Donald Trump's road to raising $1 billion for the general election just got a lot smoother.

A group of 20 Republican donors, a who's who of the party's financing apparatus, pledged Tuesday to help bring in cash to fund Trump's run for the White House. The announcement could help quell predictions that Trump wouldn't get enough ...Read more

Clinton pal under FBI campaign probe is champion fundraiser

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WASHINGTON -- He once wrestled an 8-foot alligator in exchange for a campaign contribution. He set records for fundraising hauls. He was, in the words of a grateful Al Gore, "the greatest fundraiser in the history of the universe."

Now Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe -- a former chairman of the Democratic National Committee, major party ...Read more

Conflicts swirl around irrigation drainage plan for California's San Joaquin Valley

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WASHINGTON -- A proposal to solve a long-running San Joaquin Valley irrigation drainage dispute between the Westlands Water District and the federal government is roiling a Congress already hung up on other California water fights.

The further complications surfaced Tuesday at a House of Representatives hearing that illuminated how the drainage...Read more

Elizabeth Warren: Donald Trump 'will never be president'

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WASHINGTON -- Sen. Elizabeth Warren is throwing down the gauntlet, calling Donald Trump "a small, insecure moneygrubber," and telling progressives they must work to ensure he is never elected president.

And in doing so, she might be paving the way to become her party's uniter in chief.

"Donald Trump was drooling over the idea of a housing ...Read more

Nation and world news briefs

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Reid: 'Lay off Bernie Sanders'

WASHINGTON -- Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., said it might be time to give Sen. Bernie Sanders a break.

At a moment when the underdog presidential candidate and his supporters have taken on the Democratic Party establishment with endorsements, lawsuits and unruly behavior, Reid cautioned restraint ...Read more

Eurozone ministers struggle to achieve breakthrough on Greek bailout

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BRUSSELS -- Eurozone finance ministers were struggling early Wednesday to clear the way for Greece to access a fresh round of bailout funds, which the cash-strapped country needs to avoid returning to the brink of bankruptcy.

The ministers were still locked in talks early Wednesday, 10 hours after they first started meeting in Brussels.

...Read more

Ferguson city attorney, target of protesters in recent months, resigns position

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FERGUSON, Mo. -- Ferguson City Attorney Stephanie Karr left no doubt about the extent of her influence.

In fact, she illustrated it with detailed invoices submitted each month. The bills document conference calls with the mayor, the drafting of news releases and talking points, correspondence with national news outlets, memorandums to the city ...Read more

In California, Hillary Clinton campaigns against Donald Trump

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COMMERCE, Calif. -- Hillary Clinton is running against Bernie Sanders in California's June 7 Democratic presidential primary. But you wouldn't know that from her speech at a union hall in a working-class suburb of Los Angeles on Tuesday.

On issues of the economy, foreign policy and gender equality, Clinton's target was not Sanders but another ...Read more

One of 2 brothers suspected in Washington state slayings led cops to bodies

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EVERETT, Wash. -- Two bodies believed to be those of a missing Arlington, Wash., couple have been found near Oso, the Snohomish County Sheriff's Office announced Tuesday.

The bodies of a man and woman were located in a remote area a few miles north of the Oso-area home of the missing couple, Patrick Shunn, 45, and Monique Patenaude, 46. Tony C....Read more

Texas Rep. Marc Veasey launches Congressional Voting Rights Caucus

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WASHINGTON -- Rep. Marc Veasey, D-Texas, and a cross-section of Democrats in the House of Representatives on Tuesday announced the formation of the Congressional Voting Rights Caucus to gin up support for an update of the Voting Rights Act.

The new group, supported by the Congressional Black Caucus, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, Asian-...Read more

Study: Exposure to air pollution leads to accelerated buildup of calcium in arteries

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SEATTLE -- Scientists have known for years that long-term exposure to air pollution raises the risk of heart disease, but a highly anticipated study led by a University of Washington environmental health expert finally explains why.

In a decadelong analysis involving more than 6,000 people in six states, Dr. Joel Kaufman found that people ...Read more

House GOP mulls changing amendment process for spending bills

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WASHINGTON -- House Republicans may soon require members who wish to amend spending bills to file their proposals in the Congressional Record before a floor vote -- a maneuver designed to prevent surprises like the amendment on LGBT discrimination that led to chaos on the floor last week.

Speaker Paul D. Ryan, R-Wis., presented the idea of a ...Read more

Afro-Colombians appeal to Obama administration to help vulnerable minorities

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WASHINGTON -- Largely excluded from peace talks with leftist rebels, Afro-Colombian leaders are appealing directly to the Obama administration to ensure they're not excluded from a proposed $450 million U.S. aid package to help implement the peace deal.

The Colombian government is expected to sign a historic agreement soon with the ...Read more

Feds to seek death penalty against accused Charleston church killer Dylann Roof

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COLUMBIA, S.C. -- Federal prosecutors on Tuesday announced their intent to seek the death penalty against accused Charleston church killer Dylann Roof.

"Dylann Story Roof has expressed hatred and contempt towards African-Americans, as well as other groups, as well as other groups, and his animosity towards African-Americans played a role in the...Read more

Could an implant be the new weapon against opioid, heroin addiction?

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WASHINGTON -- The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is expected to decide this week whether to approve a new weapon in the war against heroin and prescription opioid addiction.

The Probuphine implant by Braeburn Pharmaceuticals of Princeton, N.J., would be the first FDA-approved implant for opioid dependence and the longest-acting treatment to ...Read more

Dozens in Congress join newly formed Voting Rights Caucus

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WASHINGTON -- Ahead of what's likely to be the first presidential election since 1964 without the Voting Rights Act in full effect, more than 50 members of Congress have joined to form the Voting Rights Caucus.

The caucus will work to educate the public about voting restrictions enacted since the Supreme Court struck down a key section of the ...Read more