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Responsibility was the aim of the Kaine pick

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MIAMI -- In another election, Hillary Clinton might have been tempted to choose a different kind of running mate.

She could have fired up the party base with a staunch progressive, or reinforced her own historic candidacy with another woman or a Latino.

But this is no ordinary year. And Clinton's choice of Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine reflects how ...Read more

Bernie Sanders backers seek to change how Democrats pick their nominees

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PHILADELPHIA -- Democrats remain sharply divided over whether superdelegates should continue to help choose the party's presidential nominee, an issue that was emotionally charged during this year's bitterly contested primaries.

Delegates debated the issue hotly at a rules committee meeting Saturday, two days before the Democratic National ...Read more

Trump says he prevented Cruz from being 'ripped' off convention stage

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WASHINGTON –– Donald Trump said he prevented Ted Cruz from being ripped off the Republican National Convention stage by entering the Cleveland arena as hundreds of angry delegates lashed out at the Texas senator.

"You know what, he's lucky I did it," Trump said in an interview to air Sunday night on Showtime's "The Circus."

"I walked in ...Read more

A locked office, getaway car and secret flight: The final steps in picking Clinton's running mate

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It was early evening Friday, when four of Hillary Clinton's top aides, including campaign chairman John Podesta, snuck out of her campaign headquarters in Brooklyn, using a freight elevator to avoid being seen.

The four traveled 15 miles to the airfield in Teterboro, N.J., rather than one of the region's larger commercial airports, where they ...Read more

Kaine debuts as Clinton's running mate in Miami rally

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MIAMI -- Tim Kaine made his first appearance as Hillary Clinton's running mate Saturday, taking the stage at Florida International University with the soon-to-be Democratic presidential nominee in bilingual Miami so he could show off his Spanish.

"Bienvenidos a todos," he said. Turning to Clinton, he added: "We're going to be companeros del ...Read more

Guantanamo inmate who wanted to meet rapper Ludacris is denied parole

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GUANTANAMO BAY NAVAL BASE, Cuba -- The Afghan captive who invited the rap singer Ludacris to stop by the U.S. prison for terrorism suspects was denied parole.

The Periodic Review Board said Haroon al-Afghani lacked "credibility and truthfulness" at his June 14 hearing. "The board is unable to assess the detainee's intentions for the future and ...Read more

Turkey orders institutions linked to exiled cleric to close

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ISTANBUL –– The Turkish government ordered the closing of organizations linked to the alleged mastermind of the failed coup on June 15, while ministers continued to reassure foreign leaders and investors that the country isn't backsliding on democracy and economic reforms.

The decree, published in the Official Gazette, closes schools, ...Read more

At convention, Democrats will try to portray Clinton as likable

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PHILADELPHIA -- The Democratic National Convention, which begins Monday, has one huge goal: Make people like Hillary Clinton. Make her warm, gentle, compassionate.

It won't be easy.

Clinton's negatives have been consistently, historically high. Polls show that most people don't trust her. Her public image is that of a humorless technocrat ...Read more

Flooding in China kills 170; more rain on the way

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BEIJING -- More than 170 people died and more than 100 were missing after heavy rains touched off floods and landslides in China this week, officials said Saturday. Meanwhile, meteorologists warned that more thunderstorms were expected in the coming days.

In northern China, where most of the deaths occurred, were concentrated, the worst-hit ...Read more

Suicide bombers kill 80 in Afghanistan

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KABUL, Afghanistan ––At least 80 people were killed and 231 others were injured when two suicide bombers detonated explosives at a large demonstration in Kabul Saturday afternoon, the Afghan Health Ministry said.

Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack in the Dehmazang area of Kabul.

An official said there were three suicide ...Read more

Munich gunman was obsessed with mass shootings, police say

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MUNICH -- The young gunman who paralyzed Germany's third-largest city and killed nine people before killing himself was obsessed with mass shootings but did not have any apparent link to Islamist militant groups, police said Saturday.

As a portrait emerged of the 18-year-old attacker, who had amassed literature about shooting rampages, Munich ...Read more

Brush fire burns more than 3,300 acres near Santa Clarita

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LOS ANGELES -- The formula is familiar: A punishing heatwave, dry conditions and the result is a wildfire that at first outpaces the resources to contain it.

When the Sand fire near Santa Clarita was reported about 2 p.m. Friday, it had consumed a half-acre.

By 10 p.m., it had jumped to 3,300 acres.

"When we talk about extreme fire behavior,"...Read more