Have Less. Earn More.

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A new year is upon us and it's time to make important life decisions.

Like working -- that's definitely got to go. Work takes a lot of time, and if it's no longer fun to drag yourself out of bed in the morning and trudge into a job you hate, this is the year to let it go.

No question, you'll be a happier you. And you won't ever miss another ...Read more

Born to Be Wildly Unprofessional

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Really, you ought to be proud

After years of unstinting effort, you have developed a reputation as someone who is unprofessional. You're unprofessional in the way you work. You don't really do any work. You're unprofessional in the way you think. You do really do any thinking, either.

Certainly, company management expected a modicum of ...Read more

Annual Review Toodle-oo

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Hey, Mr. Rob Walker -- I have a bone to pick with you.

In fact, when it comes to picking bones, I've got an entire skeleton.

As the author of "The Workologist" column in The New York Times, Walker provides answers to workplace questions the readers send in. (Readers don't send me questions, but they do send fruitcakes. This really has to ...Read more

Go or Stay

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Today's sermonette is based on the work of the famous career counselor, James Durante.

Durante, who was known to friends and admirers as "the schnozzola," is famous for the immortal song, "Do you ever get the feeling that you wanted to go, but still have the feeling that you wanted to stay?"

It's an old song, but the sentiment is as new as ...Read more

Like It or Lump It

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Everybody likes to be liked, right?

Maybe not.

Many managers like to be not liked. A manager may want to project an image of someone who doesn't care what anyone thinks of them. The only thing that matters is achieving the company's goals.

They can be clowns, true, but they're scary clowns.

Normal people, like thee and me, want our co-...Read more

It's Reddit. Gettit?

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Reddit is a digital version of the old water cooler, or the even older cracker barrel -- a place where people can get together to discuss whatever nutty nonsense is on their minds. It sounded like a pretty stupid idea to me, but since the site has an estimated 234 million "unique users," and probably just as many who are not unique in any way,...Read more

My New Job

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It's inappropriate, I know, to use this public space for personal correspondence, but I simply must give a major shoutout to an individual who has offered me the job of a lifetime.

Yes, Nona Stephenson, I'm talking about you, and the job offer I received via email from your "global logistics, transportation and manufacturing organization."

...Read more

When a Job Goes Oops!

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When did it happen for you? Can you put your finger on the exact moment when you realized that by accepting your job, you made a serious career boo-boo?

Was it when you understood that the company actually expected you to do things that were evil and immoral, like work? Or did it take years for you to finally realize that your manager wasn't ...Read more

Resign Yourself. It's Later Than You Think

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Let me guess. Every hour of every day you've spend at your job, you've been writing your resignation letter.

Every time you suffer a management slight or a workplace injustice, you mentally add it to this virtual letter. Every idiotic request from your manager is tacked on, as is every insult you patiently suffer from your co-workers.

No ...Read more


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I don't know about you, but my career is going gangsters.

I used to make a living making fun of touchy-feely career articles on obscure jobsites. This week, I take a real leap forward with an article making fun of a touchy-feely article on the Harvard Business Review.

(I realize this doesn't qualify me to add Harvard to my resume, but I'm ...Read more

Schedule Me Out

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Are you overscheduled? Has your private life become as demanding as your work life?

Are you constantly trying to find ways to cancel commitments, which you shouldn't have made in the first place, but didn't have the courage to just say no?

If you answer, "yes, yes, a thousand times yes," then you are a wimp. You are also not alone.

"The art ...Read more

The Introvert Is In

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Do you like people?

That is the question, as Hamlet said, and I think you owe the Hamster an answer.

Despite the heavy reliance on all things technological in business today, bosses still put a lot of emphasis on "people skills." Unless you are a people person, your career may suffer. (Hamlet was definitely not a people person -- he talked ...Read more

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