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The Proliferation of Fake News Presents Real Perils

From the Left / Eugene Robinson /

WASHINGTON -- Fake news leads eventually to real tragedy. It almost got there Sunday when an idiot brought a loaded assault rifle into a Washington pizzeria, firing at least one shot, in an attempt to “self-investigate” a preposterous made-up conspiracy theory.

No one was hurt -- this time. But the same kind of thing will happen again, ...Read more

A Government Of, By and For Corporate America

From the Left / Eugene Robinson /

WASHINGTON -- President-elect Donald Trump promised to punish U.S. companies that ship manufacturing jobs out of the country. Instead, judging from the way he has handled Carrier, he plans to reward them. Quite handsomely, in fact.

As should be standard practice with Trump, pay attention to the substance, not the theater. United Technologies, ...Read more

Trump Should Support the Cuba Deal

From the Left / Eugene Robinson /

WASHINGTON -- At long last, Fidel Castro is dead. Now the oppressive system he installed in Cuba can wither and die, too -- unless Donald Trump reverts to Cold War policies and gives Cuba’s failing dictatorship new life.

It is tempting to see Castro’s death as little more than a formality. After all, his brother Raul has been running ...Read more

Far From Draining the Swamp, Trump Seems Poised to Deepen the Muck

From the Left / Eugene Robinson /

WASHINGTON -- It is our duty to demand ethical integrity from our presidents, and Donald Trump cannot be allowed to make himself an exception.

He is already trying hard to do so.

Amid the hustle and bustle of his transition, according to The New York Times, President-elect Trump found time last week for a visit from the Indian partners with ...Read more

The Democrats Must Learn From the GOP and Rebuild

From the Left / Eugene Robinson /

WASHINGTON -- The Republican Party is fractured by ideological divisions, led by an inexperienced and unpredictable president-elect, and quite possibly headed for a fratricidal civil war. The Democratic Party should be so lucky.

There is much unpleasant reality for Democrats to deal with right now, starting with this: The GOP controls virtually...Read more

I wish President Trump failure

From the Left / Eugene Robinson /

WASHINGTON -- The people chose Hillary Clinton. But it's the electoral vote that counts, not the popular vote, so Donald Trump will be president. And no, I'm not over it.

No one should be over it. No one should pretend that Trump will be a normal president. No one should forget the bigotry and racism of his campaign, the naked appeals to white ...Read more

The American experiment will soon be put to the test

From the Left / Eugene Robinson /

WASHINGTON -- What happens when the factories and the steel mills don't come back? When the coal mines fail to reopen? When both a tightfisted Congress and the government of Mexico refuse to pay for his boondoggle of a border wall?

When the president-elect, Donald Trump, takes office and has to confront inconvenient reality, how will he react? ...Read more

Comey's Damage Can't Be Undone

From the Left / Eugene Robinson /

WASHINGTON -- So all the over-the-top histrionics about Hillary Clinton's emails amounted, in the end, to nothing, nada, zilch. Next to the word "fiasco" in the dictionary should be a picture of FBI Director James Comey.

Should his picture be next to the word "catastrophe" as well? Did Comey's 10th- and 11th-hour letters to Congress -- one ...Read more

President Havoc

From the Left / Eugene Robinson /

WASHINGTON -- This is no ordinary election. Time for a reminder of what's at stake:

Climate policy and the clean-energy economy: For anyone who accepts the scientific consensus that global warming poses a clear and present danger, there is only one choice. Hillary Clinton will continue along the path laid out by President Obama and other...Read more

Breathe Deeply, Then Go Vote

From the Left / Eugene Robinson /

WASHINGTON -- Take a deep breath. Exhale. Repeat, until the anxiety attack passes. Then go vote, and soon our long national nightmare will be over.

FBI Director James Comey's "October surprise" decision to cast last-minute shade over Hillary Clinton, based on emails he and his agents had not even read, was appallingly unfair. But there's ...Read more

And The 'Mr. Deplorable" Prize Goes To ...

From the Left / Eugene Robinson /

WASHINGTON -- If Donald Trump's presidential campaign were one of his beauty pageants, instead of a "Miss Congeniality" consolation prize there would have to be a "Mr. or Ms. Deplorable." According to my scorecard, the winner is Rudy Giuliani.

Trump is the master of ceremonies, so he's ineligible. The competition among his enablers -- to see ...Read more

Hillary Clinton Is Blazing A Momentous Trail

From the Left / Eugene Robinson /

WASHINGTON -- Not enough has been made of two obvious facts: Hillary Clinton, if she wins, would be the first woman elected to the White House. And it will have been the votes of women who put her there.

Think, for a moment, about what a remarkable milestone that would be. Consider what it would say about the long and difficult struggle to make...Read more

Trump's Disqualifying Defiance Of Democracy

From the Left / Eugene Robinson /

WASHINGTON -- It is tempting to laugh at Donald Trump's eruptions and outrages because he is such a cartoonish buffoon. But he gave chilling evidence Wednesday night of why he poses a grave and urgent threat to our democracy -- and why he must be defeated.

There have been many bitterly contested elections in our nation's 240-year history, but ...Read more

Can We Please Just Fast-Forward To Election Day?

From the Left / Eugene Robinson /

WASHINGTON -- Make it stop. Won't somebody, please, make it stop?

I realize my plea is in vain. We have three more weeks of this appalling spectacle in which a ridiculous comic-book villain -- a cross between the Joker and the Penguin -- is trying his best to destroy American democracy. Yes, Donald Trump, I'm talking about you.

Three weeks. ...Read more

Trump May Be Worse Than Just A Pig

From the Left / Eugene Robinson /

WASHINGTON -- Let's begin with the People magazine writer who says that Donald Trump took her into a room at his Mar-a-Lago estate -- while his pregnant wife was changing her clothes upstairs -- and "within seconds he was pushing me against the wall and forcing his tongue down my throat."

Natasha Stoynoff is an experienced journalist with six ...Read more

Trump's Un-American Debate Performance Demonstrates His Unfitness for the Oval Office

From the Left / Eugene Robinson /

WASHINGTON -- On the debate stage Sunday night, we saw a lifelong public servant with total grasp of the issues and concrete plans to take the nation forward. And we saw a saw a fraudulent boor who knows nothing about anything and brags about groping women. Let's not pretend anymore that we have an actual choice.

Let's not pretend there is any ...Read more

The Vice-Presidential Debate Left Me Wanting Less

From the Left / Eugene Robinson /

WASHINGTON -- Tuesday's encounter between Tim Kaine and Mike Pence was substantive at times and contentious throughout. But the eminences who run the Commission on Presidential Debates should ask themselves this question: Why have a vice-presidential debate at all?

Of course there should be some sort of public forum for voters to get to know ...Read more

Only You Can Prevent A Trump Presidency

From the Left / Eugene Robinson /

WASHINGTON -- I know, I know, the point I'm about to make is painfully obvious. But it is not in any sense trivial: If you care who wins the election next month, get off the couch, go down to your polling place and vote.

National polls taken since last week's debate show Hillary Clinton with a solid lead over Donald Trump; a Politico/Morning ...Read more

Womanhood Is An Election Issue -- And That's Bad News For Trump

From the Left / Eugene Robinson /

WASHINGTON -- It is hopelessly retro, but perhaps unsurprising, that womanhood has become a prominent issue in the presidential race. This has to be bad for Donald Trump, a hall-of-shame sexist -- and good for Hillary Clinton, an actual woman.

It was political idiocy for Trump to fall into Clinton's artfully laid trap at the debate Monday night...Read more

Clinton Delivers A Beat-Down

From the Left / Eugene Robinson /

NEW YORK -- Donald Trump just got roughed up, and badly, by a girl. On Monday night, at the first presidential debate, Hillary Clinton made her opponent look ignorant, unprepared, egotistical, childish, petulant, impatient and at times totally incoherent.

How bad did it get? At one point, as Trump was groping blindly across the minefields of ...Read more

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