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Around the World: Learning Hawaii’s Language of Leis

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In anticipation of Hawaii’s legendary Aloha welcome, many tourists who visit come to the islands expect to receive flower leis upon their arrival.

Lei-giving is an age old tradition throughout Hawaii, but it is, unfortunately, no longer a matter of course.

Although many who arrive in Hawaii on package ...Read more

Around the World: Carnival is the Next Big Party of the New Year!

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 New Year’s Eve is the first big party of the year, a celebration held round the globe with fireworks displays, lots of pomp and ceremony and Champagne.

 But it’s certainly not the only annual public celebration of note -- especially not for travelers who delight in revelry and spectacle at new and exciting ...Read more

Around the World: Amsterdam's Volkshotel is a Hub of Creativity

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Throughout Amsterdam's long and fascinating history, the city's citizens have shown remarkable ingenuity in integrating established traditions and innovative trends to creat a richly nuanced and well-rounded lifestyle that's enormously enjoyable for tourists and locals alike.

Where tradition and trend obviously ...Read more

Around the World: Get ready. Get set. Start Shopping!

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Before you go racing off to that crowded mall to treasure hunt for your favorite travelers’ seasonal gifts, consider the variety of wonderful items that are available on line. 

Browsing the holiday catalogs of online purveyors is like discovering a treasure trove of travel gadgets and accessories. You’ll find ...Read more

Around the World: Visiting Tule Lake, Manzanar and Rohwer Historic Sites

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There can be no doubt that travel leads to greater understanding of different cultures and the human condition. It can also dramatically reveal the consequences of regrettable human behavior – of intolerance -- throughout history.

Unfortunately, American travelers do not need a passport to witness the consequences of intolerance. We have ...Read more

Around the World: Thanksgiving at Historic Old Sturbridge Village

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Among the many quaint colonial towns in Massachusetts, Old Sturbridge Village – or OSV, as it’s known to locals, offers a unique opportunity to step into history and experience colonial lifestyle, especially at Thanksgiving.

OSV is a living museum, a place where you can connect with American history while exploring ...Read more

Around the World: Surprising Syracuse, Focal Point of Inventions and History

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SYRACUSE, NEW YORK -- This entrepreneurial city situated in the heart of New York’s Finger Lakes District is full of civic pride and invention. In fact, Syracuse boasts that through the years its clever citizens have invented more patented items than smarties living any other US metropolis.

If you’ve ever used a ...Read more

Around the World: Prepare for Holiday Travel Delays and Cancellations

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As the year end travel holiday travel rush gets underway, prepare yourself for increased delays and cancellations in air travel. Flights are filled to capacity with passengers eager to get home to spend holidays with their loved ones, or those who intend to grab a quick and much needed getaway before their annual quota of ...Read more

Around the World: Chicago’ Family of Great Museums

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Chicago has a fabulous collection of world-class museums, many of which are conveniently clustered along picturesque Lake Shore Drive or situated in other neighborhoods easily reached by public transportation.

Focusing on everything from fine and applied art to science and technology, this extraordinary array of ...Read more

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