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Around the World: See New England’s Fall Foliage By Boat

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If you’re hankering for a doable get away during this humdrum before the year end holidays, think about seeking out and seeing the glories of Fall foliage. And, for the best Fall foliage, think about New England.

Mother Nature‘s annual change of palette takes place in wilderness areas around the world, but few ...Read more

December Cruising: Fun, Cheap and Accessible

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If you’ve been saving up to go on your dream cruise, this December is a great time to
sail away. Fact is, there are some incredible cruise deals to be had, so if you’ve got
the money, get up and go--even if you’d originally planned to wait until after the holidays. Cruising is tremendously relaxing and ...Read more

Around the World: Enjoy Oktoberfest!

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If you pass by your local Hofbrauhaus and hear boisterous celebratory sounds echoing from within, you’re more than likely brushing up against Oktoberfest, the annual fall revelry for those who love great beer and food and camaraderie.

Oktoberfest is a popular tradition that originated in Germany--or, to be more ...Read more

Around the World: Hunting Ghosts in Highly Haunted East Anglia

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Few places boast ghosts in greater number than East Anglia, the rural area northeast of London that seems to breed legends of hauntings.

In East Anglia -- comprised of the counties of the counties of Cambridgeshire, Suffolk,
Norfolk and Essex -- quaint towns, great manor houses, fens, broads and dales remain ...Read more

Tips for Last Minute Labor Day Roadtrips

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If you haven’t planned your Labor Day Weekend getaway yet, you’re likely to find that your options are limited. Labor Day Weekend, officially marking the end of the summer season, is one of the most heavily travelled holidays of the year. Many of the most appealing vacation options are already all booked up.

Flights to most quick getaway ...Read more

Around the World: When You Can’t Get There For Real, Try Virtual Travel

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Any number of challenging circumstances can crop up to keep you from roaming far from home.

Sometimes there’s nothing you can do to get past the misfortunes that impede tourism. But, if illness, financial woes and/or current events stop you in your tracks and stall your plans to take off for travel adventures, don’t...Read more

Around the World: Bellying Up To Brussels!

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Every European capital has its must-see monumental landmarks. London has is famous Big Ben and Buckingham Palace, Paris boasts the Eiffel Tower and Arch de Triomphe, and Rome has the remarkable Colosseum and Vatican City.

But at the heart of the European Union, Brussels’ most celebrated landmark attraction is much ...Read more

Around the World: Taking It Slow and Simple in Lancaster County

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If you find that summer is speeding by and you’re so busy keeping up with it you haven’t had time to stop to smell the flowers or take a dip in the lake, this is probably the perfect moment for you to seek a temporary retreat to a simpler, quieter, slower lifestyle.

In other words, it’s the perfect time for you to...Read more

Around the World: In Anticipation of Fall Foliage

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As summer progresses and thoughts of autumn arise, all leaf peepers who enjoy marking the nationwide change of seasons look forward to their annual fall foliage trek. Planning ahead is a good idea because leaf peeping is a very popular getaway vacation option, and waiting to make reservations for lodging or to book tours can limit ...Read more

Around the World: Following Cultural Foot Steps at Bata Shoe Museum

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The City of Toronto’s international outlook is clearly indicated the Bata Shoe Museum, a unique treasury of footwear worn by almost every nationality, clan or tribe found around the world.

To boot, because the comprehensive Bata Shoe Museum collection contains footwear from just about every historical era, plus a ...Read more

Around the World: Historic Newfoundland Will Win Your Heart!

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ST. JOHN’S, Newfoundland – Newfoundland’s capital is an enchantingly quaint old town. Founded by John Cabot in 1497, it is actually the oldest city in North America and its fascinating past is evident in its ancient streets, monuments and museums.

Historic Water Street, with its collection of shops, office suites and fine ...Read more

Around the World: Stockholm’s Wonderful Ship Shape Hostelries

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Sweden's beautiful capital city covers 14 small islands linked by a lace-like network of handsome bridges spanning waterways so clean and fresh you can fish in them.

Stockholm’s islands lie between the scenic Baltic Sea to the east, and Lake Malaren to the west. Many public ferries ply routes between them and thousands of personal ...Read more

Around the World: The Claremont’s Sunday Brunch

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Sunday brunch at The Claremont in Berkeley, California, is a Bay Area classic experience. Locals consider it a feast fit to mark almost any special occasion: Mother's Day, anniversaries of all sorts, birthdays, engagements, confirmations, graduations, job promotions and other notable moments that are worthy of an elegant celebration with family...Read more


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