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The Riviera beyond the beaches

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"French Riviera" often conjures up images of France's glamorous (and packed) cities -- Monaco, Cannes and Nice. But for some of the Riviera's best scenery -- and occasional relief from the touristic crush -- visit the less-familiar stops in the interior.

An easy 45-minute bus ride inland from Nice, St-Paul-de-Vence is part cozy hill town and ...Read more

Celebrity Travel: Go Away With Judy Joo

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Born in New Jersey, chef Judy Joo splits her time between her London and New York homes -- and has currently been spending time working in Hong Kong. The author of a new cookbook called "Korean Food Made Simple" (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, $30); Joo is also the host of the Cooking Channel's show of the same name. "I admit I really...Read more

Around the World: For Memorial Day, Make it Washington DC

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In fact, visiting Washington DC and Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day is a sort of pilgrimage of patriotism.

It’s good to begin the tour with stops at the Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln Memorial monuments. These patriotic landmarks may not be integrated into the official Memorial Day ceremonies, but the spirit ...Read more

My 'Duplicate' Reservation Leaves Me With A $75 Fee

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Q: Earlier this year, I booked a round-trip flight on American Airlines from Minneapolis to Shannon, Ireland, for May using

The next day, Travelocity sent me a message that American Airlines had increased the price. I accepted the increase, wanting to keep the schedule I had.

All was well until I received my credit card bill, ...Read more

Taking the Kids: Mother's Day gifts, what she needs in her travel tote

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What's in your bag? If you're a mom on a trip with her kids, you probably feel like you've got everything you might need, whatever happens -- minor injuries, delays, hunger, thirst, meltdowns -- not to mention your electronic devices, passports, if you're leaving the country, toys, itineraries and maybe even a guidebook. That's not even ...Read more

Miami Beach — America's sexiest metropolis

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MIAMI BEACH, Fla. -- This just may be America's sexiest city -- a symphony of sand, surf and sherbet-colored sunrises set to a sassy salsa beat. It is palm trees and pulsating nightlife; torpid days and tropical nights; shimmering pools and shimmying revelers.

Can you imagine a less glamorous city spawning "Miami Vice's" Sonny Crockett and his ...Read more

Oakland Museum rolls out major marijuana exhibition

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OAKLAND, Calif. -- Step right up to the black crushed-velvet curtain, over there in that closet-size space with the curious word CONFESSIONAL emblazoned across the archway.

Don't be paranoid.

Don't be all trippin'.

This is a safe space.

Nothing is punitive. You don't have to recite, "Forgive me, Willie Nelson, for I have spliffed ... " Not ...Read more

Europe's best island getaways

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There's nothing like an island break in the middle of your travels to really make you feel like you're on vacation. Some of my most vivid travel memories are recharging on an island, where time seems to slow down, and the only thing on the agenda is finding the perfect perch for watching the sunset.

Denmark's Aero Island is one of my favorite ...Read more

Celebrity Travel: Go Away With Lucy Walsh

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As the daughter of Eagles rocker Joe Walsh, Lucy Walsh grew up with music. It didn't surprise her famous family (her uncle via marriage is Ringo Starr) when she launched her own musical career. But, like her father, Lucy has also delved into acting. After roles in "Criminal Minds" and "NCIS," she appears opposite Julia Roberts and Jennifer ...Read more

Around the World: Packing 101 for 2016

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Regardless of destination and planned events, the rule of thumb for packing is ‘less is more’ or ‘less is better’ -- even if you’re travelling to business meetings that require you to dress for success or to personal events where you are obliged to posh it up.

Travel life becomes easier if you can embrace the ‘less...Read more

Why did eDreams book this round-trip flight?

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Q: I booked a one-way ticket from Osaka, Japan, to San Francisco on eDreams recently. My middle name was incorrect, so I called eDreams to make a correction. That resulted in hours of phone calls.

While I was trying to fix my name, I learned that eDreams had reserved a round-trip flight. EDreams denies this, but I have a copy of the Japan ...Read more

Nuclear weapons timeline

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"Nuclear weapon" is a broad term for any weapon involving a reaction among atomic nuclei. An atomic bomb is one kind of nuclear bomb; a hydrogen (or thermonuclear) bomb is another kind that's more powerful.

1939: As World War II begins in Europe, physicist Albert Einstein hears whispers that Nazi Germany may be building the first atomic bomb. ...Read more

One park, three sites

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Besides the Hanford Site, the Manhattan Project National Historical Park ( includes two locations that are owned and operated by the U.S. Department of Energy.

The Los Alamos, N.M., site (, which sits on a plateau 33 miles northwest of Santa Fe, includes three main areas within Los Alamos National...Read more

History lessons at the Hanford Site

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On our last family road trip to the Pacific Northwest, my wife and I drove a big loop with our daughter, then 6. We hit Seattle and the Canadian provinces of British Columbia and Alberta. On the way south toward Portland, we stopped at Walla Walla in southeastern Washington. Nice people, pleasant wineries.

At no point did I think, "Wait! We're ...Read more

No small mission at the Manhattan Project National Historical Park

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MANHATTAN PROJECT NATIONAL HISTORICAL PARK, Wash. -- On a spring morning in high, dry southern Washington, a bright yellow bus rumbled to a stop in a lot at the Hanford Site near the Columbia River. The fourth-graders of Orchard Elementary School in nearby Richland, Wash., were about to see one of this nation's newest historical parks, ...Read more

Taking the Kids: An adventure closer to home this summer

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Will we be safe? Everywhere I go people have the same question about travel this spring and summer.

At the moment, there is a U.S. Department of State travel alert for Europe through June 20. Terrorist groups continue to plan near-...Read more

Miami Beach offers a vivid vintage vacation

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MIAMI BEACH -- With the energy of the sun and colors to rival a rainbow, Miami Beach architecture is happiness wrapped in doo-dads.

OK, I know. These are not the analytic words of a serious architecture buff.

Honestly, I don't know a doo-dad from a hole in the wall.

It's just that you don't have to be an architect to appreciate the city's Art...Read more

Making house calls to Monticello and the rest of Jeffersonland

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Thomas Jefferson would most likely flip his wig over the current state of politics, but it's safe to assume he'd be pleased with the condition of Charlottesville, Va., which served as both his home and artistic playpen.

Like many Midwesterners, I grew up paying my respects to the third president during road trips to Mount Rushmore, where ...Read more

In Britain, The Kids Are All Right

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Imagine being a kid forced to spend a big part of your summer vacation with robo-tourist Rick Steves (alias Dad). My kids Jackie and Andy did that a lot when they were young. I always considered it a great education for them, but they also had a lot of fun. One of their favorite destinations, Great Britain, enthralled them with colorful ...Read more

Celebrity Travel: Go Away With John Preston

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Author John Preston resides in London, England. Having traveled the world, he says that trips become more meaningful when you don't set unrealistic expectations. "People often have this strange idea that if you go on holiday, you'll leave all your problems behind," says the 62-year-old author of "The Dig" (Other Press, $16.95). "...Read more