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Social Security and You: Commonly Asked Social Security Questions

I've just looked back on my columns for the past several weeks and noticed I went off on some esoteric subjects. I write those kinds of columns because I dread going over the same Social Security topics over and over again. But I know from readers' emails that people don't mind repetition. In fact, they often write something similar to this ...Read more

With graying population, rising concerns of scams targeting senior citzens

Bob Acheson's not a guy who embarrasses easily. He took off his Bretwood golf hat to reveal a bald head to prove it.

But Acheson, 82, of Keene, said that this year he fell victim to a problem many of his fellow seniors are often too embarrassed to report: financial exploitation.

Elder financial exploitation is the illegal or improper use ...Read more

Philly at forefront of helping workers save for retirement

Philadelphia is poised to become one of three cities tackling a pressing U.S. problem: an aging workforce that hasn't saved enough to retire comfortably.

Along with New York and Seattle, Philadelphia is contemplating a government-administered retirement savings plan or marketplace for employees who don't have pension or 401(k) plans, such ...Read more

Concerns with Eastpointe redevelopment highlight Boulder's disappearing middle

The 140-unit Eastpointe apartment complex isn't much to look at, but it affords its residents -- including many students, young families, white-collar workers and the elderly -- the chance to live in a city that's increasingly unaffordable to middle-income earners.

"It's invaluable. Priceless," said resident Jonathan Brown, a line cook and ...Read more

Ageing society putting stress on Social Security Fund

Deputy Prime Minister Somkid Jatusripitak has questioned how the government's Social Security Fund can afford to pay pensions for 11.5 million ageing members in the near future, and has instructed the Finance Ministry to examine the problem.

He told senior ministry executives on Wednesday the Finance Ministry and the Labour Ministry would ...Read more

Adviser aims to engage women in money matters

PITTSBURGH - On a recent stormy evening, about 30 women gathered in the party room of a condominium complex in Pittsburgh for a session on how to save and pay for their children's looming college education expenses.

When the host - financial adviser Deborah Graver - stepped up to the microphone with the city's skyline visible through the ...Read more

Rent increase plan dropped for Los Angeles city-owned senior building

Los Angeles' housing agency has scrapped a proposal for a 6 percent rent hike at a city-owned, senior apartment building in Eagle Rock.

Following a city hearing last week which drew angry seniors, the Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles announced Tuesday that rents will rise 3 percent this year instead of 6 percent at Reflections ...Read more

Chicago Tribune Gail MarksJarvis column

Here's a figure that may make you sick if you are planning to retire soon and haven't looked at what your health care costs are going to be.

If you are 65 and retiring this year, you will need about $130,000 during retirement to cover your health care expenses. For a couple, the total is about $260,000, according to an estimate reported ...Read more

Retired couples will need $260,000 for health care, investment firm estimates

Here are figures that may make you sick if you are planning to retire soon and haven't looked at what your health care costs will be be.

If you are 65 and retiring this year, you will need about $130,000 during retirement to cover your health care expenses. For a couple, the total is about $260,000, according to an estimate reported this week ...Read more

War on poverty failed because it trapped people with handouts, Andy Barr says

The federal government's war on poverty was an expensive failure that made generations of Americans dependent on handouts, says U.S. Rep. Andy Barr, R-Lexington, who is promoting a conservative alternative this election year.

Barr has co-authored a report for the House Republican Study Committee that recommends sweeping changes in federal ...Read more

EDITORIAL: Helping the poor cover their rents a wise investment

There are many forces driving Hawaii's persistent homelessness problem, including the forces driving the housing market.

A longstanding shortage of housing inventory, compounded by low mortgage rates that further fuel buyer demand, have made this an opportune time for property owners to sell.

Whether the home is going to a new owner-...Read more

Senior housing, elder care a booming business in Beaufort County

In the next two years, Beaufort County can expect to see a 34 percent increase in its capacity of senior housing.

Most of the construction is happening in Bluffton, Okatie and on Hilton Head Island -- adding about 502 new beds in all -- but the growth will be just as noticeable in northern Beaufort County.

Port Royal and Beaufort will see ...Read more

Spartanburg Housing Authority senior housing complex completed

It won't be long before senior residents are able to move into eight new housing units at Page Lake Manor.

The one-bedroom units are located off Grand Central Avenue, south of the city of Spartanburg on a portion of 150 acres owned by the Spartanburg Housing Authority.

Terril Bates, executive director of the Housing Authority, called the ...Read more

As suburbs shift, funding fights loom

WASHINGTON - Rudy Magnan was shocked when he learned, a few years ago, that he'd have to pay $2,000 more in property taxes for his two-bedroom condo in an adults-only community in Newtown, Conn.

So Magnan and other retirees got together to protest the tax hike - and what they argued was too much spending on schools and not enough for senior...Read more

What drives city development: A "chicken-egg" examination

In the space tagged either "The Build" or "The Art of the Deal" in this section, I try to strike a balance between market-rate and affordable-housing developments in the city and the suburbs.

I find the projects that are rising in the "edge" neighborhoods the most interesting ones.

Because I have been writing about real estate here since ...Read more

Volunteers help with home improvement projects in Scranton

Gene Passarella was just a teenage soldier serving in World War II Belgium when a bullet from a German sniper hit the man behind him, then went through his own leg.

Now on the cusp of turning 91, the Scranton native winces every time he must lift that bad limb in and out of the bathtub for showers in his West Scranton house.

"I have a heck...Read more

Baby boomers' retirement: The country's biggest and most predictable train wreck?

With temperatures climbing over 100 degrees by mid-afternoon, a recently retired couple chatted and paddled around in the pool at the Courtyards at Elk Creek, a community of upscale patio homes in Wichita, Kansas.

Coming over the clubhouse sound system? The melodious strains of AC/DC screaming about a highway to hell on Pandora.

The baby ...Read more

Attacks on elderly women, carjackings and muggings raise fears among Baltimore residents, shopkeepers

Baba L'Salaam, a 69-year-old artist and musician, lives in a senior community downtown but is often out and about, doing music and storytelling gigs or volunteer work. He never felt in particular danger in the city.

But last month, while leaving a pub in Station North, he was jumped and robbed, and now is wary of returning to his old haunts...Read more

Affordable housing may grace Rockport's Granite Street

ROCKPORT -- The eyesore that is 5 Granite St. may sprout new affordable housing units within the next several years if plans move ahead, said Harborlight Community Partners Executive Director Andrew DeFranza.

DeFranza said the Beverly-based nonprofit organization, which aims to provide affordable housing and community support services, has ...Read more

Housing crunch leaves renters, buyers waiting

BOSTON -- Veriny Keut lived in cramped quarters with relatives while she waited more than three years to find apartment she could afford.

"It was really frustrating," said Keut, 36, a single mom whose 12-year-old daughter is entering eighth grade. "I just couldn't find anything on the North Shore in my price range, and we didn't want to ...Read more