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Social Security and You: Withdrawing Claim Might Be Best Option

Q: I am 64 years old. I retired last year and decided to file for my Social Security in November. I got my first check in December. But now I've been offered a job that will pay me a rather substantial amount of money for short periods of time. Specifically, I would make $40,000 in May of this year and then another $40,000 in October. I realize ...Read more

Social Security and You: Earnings Penalty and Spouses

Q: I filed for my Social Security benefits last year when I was 62. My wife, who never worked outside the home, and who is the same age as me, signed up for spousal benefits on my account at the same time. Several months ago, I found a job that pays me more than Social Security allows. I reported this to the Social Security people. They are now ...Read more

Social Security and You: My Last File and Suspend Column -- I Hope!

Before I begin today's column, I must clarify something. In several past columns, I discussed the looming April 30 deadline for filing a Social Security retirement claim and then immediately suspending benefits, usually to allow a husband or wife to claim spousal benefits while your own retirement checks remain in suspense until age 70 so that ...Read more

Social Security and You: Good Old-Fashioned Social Security Was Not Complicated

Q: My wife and I don't know if we should "file and suspend" or "file and restrict" and if we should do it now or if we should wait. Please help! I can't believe how incredibly complicated Social Security is. It's worse than the tax code!

A: I made a little promise to myself that I would NOT write another column about all the confusion over the ...Read more

Interpretation centre at Gurgaon bio-diversity park soon

Gurgaon: The Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon (MCG) is constructing an interpretation centre at the bio-diversity park, located near Guru Dronacharya Metro station, to invite visitors to relax amid shade structures and suitable arid trees.

According to a senior official, the centre will be furnished with striated bamboo interiors and spread...Read more

Sheriff's office unveils new simulator to train first responders, students in defensive driving

PENDLETON -- Sitting behind the wheel of the Niagara County Sheriff's Office's brand new driving simulator feels very much like sitting in a real car.

The high-tech machine features three screens to simulate a windshield and two windows, and the engine "revs" when users accelerate.

Although it might feel a bit like a video game, the ...Read more

Ambitious development plans outlined for Elvis' Horn Lake ranch

The first pieces of a massive redevelopment around Elvis's old Circle G Ranch in Horn Lake are coming together, the project's managing partner said Thursday.

Davage "Buddy" Runnels Jr. outlined an initial phase that includes, among other features, a welcome center, restoration of both the honeymoon cottage used by Elvis and Priscilla and ...Read more

Residents express concern over Cash America's proposed move

Generic File Photo

Plans by Cash America to relocate from 3200 N. Big Spring St. to a larger

location on Big Spring Street just south of Wadley Avenue drew concern from nearby residents at Monday's Planning and Zoning Commission meeting.

Cash America was seeking a zone change to Local Retail District, LR-3 for a new 6,000-square-foot ...Read more

Volunteers to continue search for missing teen

Carlos Perez is known for his skills on the soccer field.

Perez, 16, moved to Mansfield about three years ago from Mexico with his family and is described as smart and competitive by his friends.

"Everybody knew him because he was in the soccer team," Zahrai Aguilera said. "And he was also one of the brightest in his class."

Aguilera, 15,...Read more

How well is Ohio really doing?

As he forages the country in his bid to be president, Gov. John Kasich proudly brags about how great things are in Ohio.

The second-term Republican accurately talks of the creation of more than 417,000 jobs on his watch since 2011 and efforts to help the poor and others who "live in the shadows."

Left unsaid in the Kasich town halls of the...Read more

Laid-off Americans are finally returning to the labor market: Will they find jobs?

WASHINGTON - After years of sitting on the sidelines, hundreds of thousands of workers who lost their jobs in the 2007-08 financial crash are finally getting back into the game.

Friday's jobs report shows that since September, droves of laid-off Americans who had been conspicuously absent from the recovery began returning to the job market, ...Read more

Service sector buoys Texas job picture

Texas employers hired more than they fired for the 11th straight month in February, a sign of continued resistance to the economic strains of low crude oil prices and the high dollar, data released by the Texas Workforce Commission and Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas showed Friday.

With service-sector job gains buffering losses in oil and ...Read more

Failed Miami Beach hotel vote creates convention uncertainty

This may go down as the year that makes or breaks plans to turn the Miami area into a major player on the international convention circuit. So far, 2016 is off to an inauspicious start.

Tuesday's failed referendum to build a $400 million hotel next to the Miami Beach Convention Center represents a serious setback for the politicians and ...Read more

Charlotte-area jobless rate rises to 5.3 percent in January

The Charlotte-area jobless rate rose in January as every industry reported job losses. Economists say, however, that month-over-month swings in January are common after the seasonal hiring over the holidays.

The region's jobless rate rose to 5.3 percent in January from 4.9 percent in December, the N.C. Commerce Department said in a report ...Read more

Deguito feared for her life -- witness

THE bank manager of the Rizal Commercial Banking Corp. (RCBC) Jupiter Branch in Makati City, Maia Deguito, facilitated the transfer of huge amounts of cash because she feared for her life and the safety of her family, a witness told senators on Thursday.

Romualdo Agarrado, a reserve officer of RCBC, claimed to have witnessed how Deguito ...Read more

'City of Gold's' Jonathan Gold on City of Big Shoulders' food scene

"The seventh meal in an evening is hard to do," said Jonathan Gold, the Pulitzer Prize-winning restaurant critic at the LA Times. "I ate at 150 places in Chicago for a magazine cover story a long time ago."

If you think you've seen someone who looks like Gold eating around Chicago the past few years, you might be right. His daughter is a ...Read more

Colorado Springs has best employment numbers since 2015

The Colorado Springs-area economy added more jobs last year -- 7,400 -- than any year since 2000 and grew faster than the state, according to revised payroll numbers released Monday by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The 3.2 percent job growth rate is more than twice as fast as the bureau initially reported, based on monthly surveys, ...Read more

Surprising spring break destinations doing big business came out with a list of top spring break destinations for 2016 and the top three were the usual suspects-- Orlando, Cancun, and Vegas.

The stats also showed that many travelers are looking for something new.

"I need a vacation," said Tamara Evans of Dayton when I asked her about travel plans this year.

Panama City, Riviera Maya...Read more

Ventura County's sleep-deprived share notes, frustrations

One out of three people envies, maybe even resents, Eli Holzman.

About 35 percent of American adults sleep less than seven hours a night, according to a new study from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

But in the middle of a national Sleep Awareness Week, sprawled on an easy chair at The Oaks shopping center in Thousand ...Read more

Allegiant Air adds new Orlando nonstop to Akron-Canton Airport; fills void soon to be left by Southwest dropping some routes

There's good news for passengers wanting to fly to see Mickey Mouse and Harry Potter.

Low-cost carrier Allegiant will be adding a new nonstop flight to Orlando from Akron-Canton Airport.

The new flight starts on May 19 and will operate twice a week -- on Thursdays and Sundays. Specific flight times were not available, but will appear on ...Read more