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Quinn on Nutrition: DASH into the new year

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We dashed through December. Now might be a good time to DASH through 2017. DASH is the acronym of the top-rated diet for healthy weight loss for the 7th year in a row, according to the US News and World Report (with input from a panel of health experts).

It's interesting that DASH -- which stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension -- ...Read more

Quinn on Nutrition: Proven weight loss techniques

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My four year-old granddaughter was busy with her coloring book and crayons. After a few minutes, she gave out a sigh and with much drama said, "It's so much work coloring between the lines!"

My feelings exactly as I consider how to remove some of this holiday cheer from around my girth. If I want to be successful, I need to stay within the ...Read more

Quinn on Nutrition: Everything old-fashioned is new again

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Items of interest from our past we used to call "old-fashioned." Today they are "retro." And in the field of nutrition, some ideas from the past are worth taking with us into the future.

For example, the Campbell Soup Co. has resurrected a 101-year-old recipe for tomato soup that it plans to distribute on a limited basis, according to an ...Read more

Quinn on Nutrition: Christmas traditions

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It will be a holiday in the Heartland this year -- where Nativity scenes outnumber Mickey and Goofy at least three to one. And it will for sure be a white Christmas. I like that.

I get sentimental this time of year. Holidays bring up memories of those no longer here. And at the same time, I'm reminded of the wonder and joy available with each ...Read more

Quinn on Nutrition: Clearing up eye health research findings

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Dear Readers,

My recent column on nutrient formulas for eye health got some good feedback from you. Here are some excerpts that may help us see a little more clearly:

Greetings from Australia,

While I agree with the bulk of your article regarding nutrition and eye health, I disagree that an AREDS or AREDS2 supplement (nutrient formulas tested...Read more

Quinn on Nutrition: Gifts outside the box

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The day after Thanksgiving, I was on my horse helping my daughter and son-in-law move their Black Angus cows to a new pasture.

"This is our version of Black Friday," my son-in-law quipped.

Truly, it's nice to get out of the usual holiday madness and consider other options for Christmas shopping. Buying local is one example. What a novel idea ...Read more

Quinn on Nutrition: Eyes have it

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His words brought me an instant sense of relief.

"Your eyes look great. See you in a year."

Ever since a wayward tree branch lacerated my cornea more than a decade ago, I pay close attention to the words of my ophthalmologist--the good doctor who saved my eyesight.

"Are you still taking vitamins?" he said as he concluded his exam.

Yes, I nod...Read more

Quinn on Nutrition: Thanksgiving: live to eat or eat to live?

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I'm getting off easy for Thanksgiving this year. With the crowd of in-laws and out-laws at my daughter and son-in-law's home, the only contributions I have been asked to bring -- aside from a promise not to make any nutritional comments -- are cranberry sauce and sweet potato casserole.

And this cannot be just any sweet potato casserole. ...Read more

Quinn on Nutrition: A traditional meal that's also nutritious

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It's the week to load our carts and kitchens with food for what could easily be the biggest meal of the year. And since few of us will be out hunting for a turkey or trading food with our Native American neighbors, here are a few shopping ideas for a traditional and nutritious Thanksgiving:

Turkey: According to the National Turkey Foundation, ...Read more

Quinn on Nutrition: Beef, bacon, and beans, hearty cowboy fare

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Call me a crazy cowgirl, but I jump at the chance to saddle up my horse whenever my son-in-law asks for help on his ranch. This day, we gently herded a group of pregnant cows to another pasture. My pay for the day? Lunch at a favorite Mexican food restaurant.

Some things haven't changed. In a book uniquely titled, "Sowbelly and Sourdough: ...Read more

Quinn on Nutrition: Are dairy fats different?

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Just in time to fuel your holiday cheese platter conversations, here are some interesting observations from the current issue of Today's Dietitian, a magazine for nutrition professionals.

In an article entitled "The Truth about Dairy Fat," registered dietitian Carrie Dennett explores evidence that higher fat dairy foods (such as cheese) may not...Read more

Quinn on Nutrition: 'Bear food' to lower breast cancer risk

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"They say what doesn't kill you will make you stronger," I read on a sign in a national park recently. "But not bears," it continued. "Bears will kill you. Avoid close contact and use bear spray."

Later, while visiting the Grand Tetons, we spotted a grizzly bear intently digging for food by the side of the road. As we watched onlookers armed ...Read more

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