Lynda Hirsch On Soaps for 07/02/2016

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For years, Rowell claimed the show lacked diversity, even though for over three decades a black family has been a major part of the Genoa City universe. Rowell was upset because she felt there was no black presence on the writing or production staff. On that, she is correct. On two occasions the actress quit "Y&R." The second time she walked ...Read more

Lynda Hirsch On Soaps for 06/25/2016

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Patsy Pease (Kim) and Charles Shaughnessy (Shane) are headed back to "Days." They have been back before but for very short stays. He said he would return again only for a longer stay and a real story. No one is saying what it is, but it is said to be major. Jen Lilley, who plays their daughter, Theresa, is exiting the show. They may be part of...Read more

Lynda Hirsch On Soaps for 06/18/2016

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It's sad to hear that Michal E. Knight (Neville) has been let go from "The Young and the Restless." The decision was made before Jill Farren Phelps was axed as the show's executive producer. Maybe the new executive producer will change that. Or perhaps "Days of Our Lives" will cast him in the role of a doctor with a past. The casting call ...Read more

Lynda Hirsch On Soaps for 06/11/2016

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The death of Muhammad Ali this week had me relive a precious day.

I was in Chicago doing an appearance with Ruth Warrick (Phoebe, "All My Children"). We were staying at the fabled Ambassador Hotel. Everybody who was anybody dined at their famous Pump Room. And if you were really somebody, you got to sit at table one. From Frank ...Read more

Lynda Hirsch On Soaps for 05/28/2016

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The character Nikolas' past is all soap opera. Nikolas came to town when he learned his half sister, Lulu, needed a bone marrow transplant. Although Luke was grateful that Nikolas saved his daughter's life, he hated him because he was the biological child of Laura and Stavros Cassadine. When Luke told Laura she had to choose between Nikolas ...Read more

Lynda Hirsch On Soaps for 05/07/2016

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"Days of Our Lives" star Deidre Hall, who has played Marlena on the show for nearly 40 years, will be getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Hall's star will join over 2,500 others. The attraction draws nearly 26 million viewers each year.

The road to getting one's name on the famous street is a long one. Nominations can come from fans...Read more

Lynda Hirsch On Soaps for 04/30/2016

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On Friday, as Ripa was discussing ways divorced parents can raise their children, she decided to mention Strahan's two divorces. The smile on his face turned to "what?" He clearly had no idea she was going to mention this. And then she pointedly brought up her 20-year-long marriage to Mark Consuelos.

The show is up for the best talk show ...Read more


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