Boss Gets Away With Discriminatory Remarks at Work

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Q: I worked in the accounting department as a bookkeeper for 17 years at the same company and was let go at the age of 55. I obviously knew and performed the job well, so I was unprepared for being let go. I didn't want to file an age discrimination charge; I took the positive approach and put energy into finding another job.

I found a job at a...Read more

Vegan Sharing Views Backfires at Work

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Q: I have eaten meat all my life and have felt fine. Out of curiosity, I tried vegetarianism, but after a couple of months, I felt better than I ever have, especially since I thought I was fine before. I was excited at how good I looked and felt, so naturally I wanted to share it with my co-worker-friends. We have a tight group that works and ...Read more

Becoming the Willing but Not Gleeful Informant

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Q: I'm a server at a privately owned restaurant in a "yuppie" area, so I like our location and the type of customers we have. The owner has three locations with three different location managers. Our restaurant manager is not from the same type of group as the people in this area. She is uneducated, unintelligent, uninformed, unsophisticated ...Read more

Bad Jobs are Stepping Stones to Good Jobs: Stay Positive and Develop a Plan

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Q: People think IT professionals are paid big bucks, but this is not always true. I did not have a big salary, and I worked long, hard, hours. My four-hour-a-day commute made it easy for me to want another job. I got one for more money with a one-half-hour commute each way. Nothing else mattered to me at the time.

After several months at the ...Read more

Branding Oneself is Now a Requirement, Not an Option

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Q: My career in sales has spanned over the same major industry, and I've changed jobs each time to make more money. I am not attached to working in this particular industry, but I'm now considering changing fields because my job requires a lot of physical labor. I have to check product in our warehouses and sometimes bring it to customers when...Read more

Forced Into Adulthood

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Q: I just graduated with my bachelor's degree in advertising from a university in Chicago. I would like to return to New York City. Both my parents passed at the end of high school, so I was suddenly on my own. I moved in with a friend who is a year older than I am, and she and her family were very kind. During that time, her father got her a ...Read more

The Cliche is True: The Grass is Always Greener Elsewhere

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Q: Everyone's always saying to be positive, so I am whenever I'm asked how I like my job. I make $70,000 plus a year, which is more than any of my friends, and I get to travel to interesting cities with fabulous restaurants. What people don't think about is how tiring it is to travel all week, every week. I make the phone calls and ...Read more

Nursing Home Jobs -- Critically Important at all Levels

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Q: I came to the U.S. at 45 years old, married for 30 years, and with two children. My English wasn't so good, so I got a job as a caregiver at a nursing home. I came from a large family where we took care of each other, so I loved my job because it reminded me of being with family. The seniors were always happy to help me with my English, and...Read more

Reference Letters Beg Honest but Positive Statements

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Q: My friend got her bachelor's degree in psychology and a master's degree in social work. She then got a degree as a counselor/social worker. People can get degrees in almost anything if they are intelligent enough to understand the material they study and pass the required tests. A degree is not a good judge of how a person will be in a career...Read more

You must do the job with a 'reasonable accommodation'

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Q: What is a "reasonable accommodation"? I am an office worker and recently developed a disorder that caused an extreme pain and weakness in one arm. I could not be offered adequate pain relief and certain activities made the pain and weakness worse. I took an FMLA leave to have time off for medical appointments, and the doctor was very clear ...Read more

Different People See Different Meanings in Same Message

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Q: The worst people to work with are those who refuse to learn. I just had a coworker waste 30 minutes of my time because she didn't like me texting her to get an answer on information I needed. Instead of her getting me the information, she walked into my office to ask if I had face-to-face communications problems because I always text her. I ...Read more

Wisely Choose Your Complaints and Reasons to Leave

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Q: I work for the smallest department ever -- we have a boss and two of us co-workers, a man and I'm a woman. The boss is a 40ish-year-old woman; we are late 20s. Our boss doesn't wear revealing or tight clothing, but she comes across as a very sexual person. She favors my male co-worker like I've never seen. Around me, she's normal and ...Read more

Do the Work to Find an Internship that Truly Teaches

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Q: I had to do an internship in my last quarter to graduate with a bachelor's degree in advertising. The internship paid nothing, but I got credit as if it were a class. Our administrator seemed nice enough, but she should not have approved the organization. They were supposed to teach me real life experience in advertising.

It was a total ...Read more


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